The epic stadiums being built for Qatar 2022

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  2. Not saying these shits aren't epic, they are, but why the fuck is the World Cup in Qatar? Will those fucking places ever be put to good use after the WC is over? Fucking dumb.
  3. Better stadiums than the UK has. Do they have money to burn
  4. Pretty sure those Arab's have tons of oil money, so probably.
  5. Have to see them like this first..:idontcare:
  6. Agreed. Everyone was pretty shocked and pissed off when it was announced, but those stadiums are dope but will be empty after the tournament.
  7. It should rotate between North America, South America & Europe. Fuck Africa/The Middle East. Maybe like Japan could be cool.
  8. That's crazy, that's where my buddy is stationed and he's telling me how it looks pretty run down where he is at. That looks state of the art.
  9. North America? :pity:
  10. You don't think North America has a lot of capable host cities :cornette:
  11. I'd much rather it hosted in places where football is their passion. England are long overdue another world cup imo. Considering that football isn't popular at all in North America, I'd much rather it elsewhere in Europe or South America.
  12. You guys think we don't deserve to host a World Cup here in the Middle East? :angry: :gtfo:
  13. The first one and the Third one are :fap:
  14. "deserve" in what way does any region "deserve" anything like that. They just choose capable cities. In this case they chose a borderline capable city/country. We'll see how it goes.
  15. There are a lot of people in North America that are passionate about football. That is just ignorant to say otherwise. I have a lot of friends who closely keep up with a lot of different European leagues as well as the USMNT/International football. You don't think there are a lot of people in Mexico passionate about football? And needless to say for people traveling to the WC the US is a much better destination than some other alternatives.

    more US football fans bought tickets to the WC than any other country.
  16. Quite hilarious considering last week on Skype you told me "soccer was a dying sport" and on the decline in America, and that Beckham changed nothing etc.

    Still don't think I'd want the WC in North America. Much more passionate countries still deserve it, and yes you can "deserve" it imo. English football has propelled the game further and further into popularity, but we haven't had it since 1966.
  17. I'm not saying England doesn't deserve it. A lot of European countries do, but you can't have the World Cup in Europe every time. And I said soccer wasn't gaining popularity, and that Beckham coming over wasn't big news. Soccer being the 7th biggest sport in the US still means millions of people love it.

    So despite the fact that more Americans traveled to the 2010 World cup than fans of any other country, you don't think the US is worthy of hosting another World Cup?
  18. Let's take it a step further

    Last time the US hosted the World Cup (1994) the average attendance was the highest in WC history @ over 68k per match

    dat lack of passion
  19. I live in North America and even I know that they all should be held in Europe. For safety reasons and cause they'll always make money.
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