Kayfabe The Even Gayer Professional Kind... (His words not mine)

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  1. Alice: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!
    A copy of a contract is shown on the tron, with the WWEF Precision logo on it. The screen zooms out to show Alice Xander holding said contract, he is bouncing up and down in joy which could mean that A: He's excited about something, or B: He's nuts.
    Alice: Yay! I'm officially a wrestler! And not the gay amateur kind, no! The even gayer professional kind!
    Having realized that he had just called his new job that in which homosexuals partake, and despite speculation by his relatives as to his sexual orientation, Alice decides to try and convince the veiwers that he's not gay... Not that there's anything wrong with being gay (Nice save)
    Alice: Uh... I didn't mean that I'm g... I'm no...
    He tried, he failed.
    Alice: Anyway... I'm officially a pro wrestler. Uh, oh shi... Oops, family show... Jeepers creepers! I forgot to introduce my self. My name is Alexander... I'm a...
    Alice's phone rings, Alex answers.
    Alice (On phone): Yeahello?... Oh, hi Mammy! I'm in the middle of something righ... Oh, you're watching. WELL WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME IF YOU KNOW I'M ON T.V!
    Shouldn't yell at your Mammy's like that boys and girls, you should always be nice to Mammy (Importand message sent)
    Alice (On phone): But Mammy! It's not a cool name, it makes me sound like a transvestite... What do you mean I look the part as well?!... I'm not using that name!... NO! NOT MY STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC SUBSCRIPTION!... Okay, fine!
    Alice hangs up.
    Alice (No longer on phone): Okay, I lied to y'all. My name's not Alexander... It's Alice, Alice Xander. I'm a man... Named Alice. Happy now Mammy? Good... Anyways back to business. I've never had a wrestling match... Ever. I've practiced alot on pillows, teddy bears and blow up do... Never mind. I've been training to wrestle since I was 10 and I'm the best person I know at wrestling and obviously the Big Bossy peoples here recognize that because I'm in a tournament to crown the first WWEF Undisputed World Champion and I wanna win it so Eva Saveloy!... Hi!
    That's not really threatening but okay. Alice then suddenly screams like a girl.
    Alice:... MY FIRST PROMO! I did so good!
    If by good you mean a structurless bombardment of random idiotics and a phone call from your Mammy because you tried to hide the fact that your name's Alice then yes, it was good. Btw, the camera cut after Alice said "Hi" to Evan Savior.


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