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    IT'S BACK!



    This will be a competition between any and all WWEF members to see who can get the highest show ratings and public image with an alternate universe version of Ring of Honor in booking game EWR (Extreme Warfare Revenge). The game is free to download and easy to learn, and the update is easy to install, so make sure to read all the below, and sign up!

    THE GAME: http://homeofprowrestling.com/Downloads/EWR/Software/EWR/EWR_4(2)/ewr42.zip

    THE UPDATE: http://homeofprowrestling.com/Downloads/EWR/Fantasy_Mods/Rise_Of_Honor.zip

    Download the game using the link, put it wherever you like, then download the update, and replace the DATA and other folders in the game folder with their counterparts from the update download. The update is duplicated in the save folder when you start a game, so if you change your active update all the time it won't affect saves that are in progress. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Difficulty set to medium.

    No arsenic editor/cheating/editing your file etc. etc.

    No restarts, as we're going to be playing in sync, month by month.
    Everyone will have two weeks to play each month.

    No changing PPV or show names, however TV show days (but not PPV dates) can be changed as you wish.

    Should you finish a PPV before a deadline, please do not advance days or start booking any of your shows afterwards. This gives an unfair advantage of extra time over other people. However, you can still do other things on the file (e.g. signing people, planning in notepad, roster organisation, etc.).

    Some PPVs will have specific gimmick matches associated with them, when this is the case a related rule will be added to the booking for that PPV. These will be made clear at the time and, when they are, must be followed.

    Other than things specifically mentioned above, the game is the law!

    Players will be ranked a) by their most recent PPV rating b) by their average score over their three most recent PPVs and c) by their public image rating after their PPV.

    Current Players:

    @Aurtle the Turtle

    Booking will begin sometime in the next couple of days (date of writing - October 9th 2016), depending on how it takes for a good number of people to sign up!

    For the purpose of this new season of the challenge, we will be starting on November 1st so that no-one has to go through the hassle of changing computer clocks. (hooray!)


    Glory by Honor: November 27th
    Final Battle: December 25th
    New Year's Special: January 22nd
    ROH Anniversary Show: February 19th
    Showdown In The Sun: March 19th
    Honor Takes Centre Stage: April 16th
    Border Wars: May 14th
    Best In The World: June 11th
    Boiling Point: July 9th
    Tag Wars: August 6th
    Death before Dishonor: September 3rd
    Survival of the Fittest: October 1st

    ^ These are the in-game dates for these shows, they will need to be changed in your save game as they are different to default.

    Use this thread to ask questions (about the game, advice on what to book, and the rules of the challenge), have all on-topic banter and share your progress with screenshots. If in doubt over any aspect of the challenge, please ask!

    So, as always: MAY THE BEST BOOKER WIN!
  3. Oh it's happening!

    Look at Reag... stealing my thunder on the tagging of people smh.

    Other people who were involved before:


    People who I think would enjoy it/previously showed an interest:


    Hey everybody!

    If you have a minute please read the OP and consider joining this challenge, EWR is a super easy-to-learn and fun booking game and we're playing it competing with each other. For people who were around before, the changes to the OP from season one are underlined. You're goddamn welcome.

    The premise of the update is Ring of Honor modern day if they never lost key people.

    Let's go!
  4. If anyone has questions about EWR, the update, the challenge or why Reag is such an idiot please feel free to ask me. Booking won't start for a few days yet.

    KAYFABE BREAK (open)
    Basically me vs Reag is a banter war which started in the previous version of this thread. He has "The Colemasters" and I have the "Anti-Reag League" or ARL. May possibly add an average % by team for this season....
  5. The Colemasters or the "Anti-Reag League.....Which team do I join :/
  6. You owe me. Remember that, my friend.
  7. We're the babyfaces and reags just a dick tbh. You let him ruin precision for a week and now he thinks you owe him?!
  8. "ruin" Sorry who wanted you to be in the EC Qualifying match? Bitch, you owe me too. Plus I have also helped him alot with The awards(Both of them), being the most entertaining interviewer he has, Doing all of the preshows, managing Anarchy Inc. Many things.
  9. I had an EC qualifier before you did anything then didn't get a second, don't owe you shit! And bull on the awards and noone asked for your interviews or preshows or managing. You're just an inconvenience...
  10. oh shit gonna join and book all the new japan guys to go over for realism
  11. Am I signing you up then?

    Everyone else - Reag? Mike? Everyone let me know you want in!
  12. Bruh, you can't read.
  13. Gotta confirm these things. He might be excited without being able to participate... xD

    And you're being a pussy on the avatar bet. HEY EVERYONE! LOOK AT REAGS AVATAR. LOVELY ISN'T IT
  14. Guess the king gotta defend his throne....Just downloaded the file and ready to sort my things out. The Roster looks very strong just from first viewing... Excited to get stuck in again.
  15. #ARL4Lyfe

    <3 ma boi
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  17. You gotta love WWE and their clear out right at the beginning.
  18. Fckn noice.
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