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  1. Exodus Awards. 6th October 2016. A couple of thousand people are there. No big deal as the lonely video starts to play on screen with moments of the past year. These include The reunion of the K.O.W, Lukey vs Jay Sparks, Blake's rise to the top, Amazing H vs Des Pierson and of course, the retirements of Caleb Hayes and The Amazing H. But as the video fades on the final image of Jet Starr raising the World title high above his head. As the screen returns to black, there is a sudden light to the stage as Soldiers stand silently in a row for a unknown reason before the screen above the titron shows Reagmaster heavily drinking in a bar.

    Reagmaster: Ugh....I have nothing to do for the next two months. I can't even interview anyone! This is so boring!

    Reagmaster then notices someone called The British Kid walk into the bar, hopping all over the place like normal before he sees Reagmaster staring at him with confusion so BK runs over and jumps onto the seat next to him

    BK: Heyo!

    Reagmaster: Oh for fucks sake...Well atleast I have some entertainment while I'm here so Kid, give me your best shot

    Kid smiles at the challenge but then realises Reagmaster was being slightly sarcastic and looks a bit down but he says something to Reagmaster that sparks his attention

    Kid: You do know that you're supposed to be hostingo thato awardo show.

    Reagmaster: Do I? Ah, fuck I can't be bothered.

    Kid looks at the disheartened master then offers some courage to Master

    Kid: Gosho, it disturbos me to seeo you, Mastero. Looking so downo in the dumpo. Every guyo here'd love to be you, mastero. Eveno when taking youro lumpos.

    Reagmaster realises where this is going...

    BK: There's no mano in towno as admiredo as you. You're ev'ryone's favourito guy, ev'ryone's awedo and inspiredo byo you. And it's noto veryo hard to seeo whyo

    Reagmaster smirks as he looks directly at the camera and the soldiers suddenly start to sing

    Soldiers: No one's slick as Master, No one's quick as Master, no one's neck's as incredibly thick as Master. For there's no man in town half as manly, Perfect, a pure paragon, You can ask any Tom, Dick or Stanley and they'll tell you whose team they prefer to be on

    On the screen Master walks out of view as BK looks on, smiling with the biggest grin that he has ever had as the soldiers continue

    Soldiers: No one's been like master, a king pin like master. No one's got a swell cleft in his chin like Master.

    Masters voice can be heard saying "As a speciem, yes, I'm quite intimidating now that I think about it."

    Soldiers: No one fights like Master, douses lights like Master. In a wrestling match nobody bites like Master

    Master: Woah, woah, woah! Stop!

    Master walks out to a thunderous reaction from the crowd. But Master doesn't give a shit as he looks at the soldiers with confusion

    Master: I never said anything about a normal wrestling match! I could beat someone in a matchtype of my choosing but come on! You people are trying to get me killed! Jeez.

    The soldiers slowly start to march to the back as Master walks to the podium and starts the speech

    Master: Ladies and Gentleman, my name is The Reagmaster and this is Exodus's Awards show! And Fuck you, I'm still a bad guy!

    The cheers turn to jeers as the crowd turn against the best interviewer and that fucking includes whoever was this's promotions interview who I have forgot the name about

    Reagmaster: Anyway I could gloat about myself all day and about the fact that might have been the best opening to a awards show, you have ever seen! But I won't because I'm a nice guy, kinda. So let's get to the first award of rivalry of the year. Now there have been many feuds over the years, Amazing H vs Muuftah and that might be the only one I can remember...Oops. Anyway so if you weren't aware, a fued consists of 2 more or people who hate each other, despise each other and will take the risks nessarily to make sure that the other people get up the next day with a major headache. And I feel, watching this promotion for the last year. The bars have been raised for how much a person can go to hurt someone else. And these two were the main ones helping that "development" Let's say so let me introduce the winner of the Rivalry of the year award!

    Winner winner Chicken Dinner (open)
    Master: Jay Sparks vs Lukey! And now acccepting the award...I don't know. They didn't tell me if Jay Sparks was coming back for this one night just to accept the award so I'm slightly confused. But either Lukey or Sparky, come on out and gain your reward! @LukeTheGreatFTW @SupaHeeroh

    Master claps as he gets ready to present the award.

  2. Lukey: Well slap my thigh and call me Two Hands! Oh boy......Rivalry of the Year. I'll keep this short and sweet. Lovely to see that people want me to die and stay dead after our last encounter......But in all seriousness I'm honored to accept this award on my behalf. It was a real eye opener to me ya know? It started ....well lets say...a Career Renaissance for me. I'd say Jay would be happy to accept this too but he the one who dead at the moment not me. He won the battle, I won the reward and god only knows who can win the war. I'd like to see Jay one more time in squared circle, I still got a bit of unfinished business to do with him. But not tonight. Tonight is about a good time baby. Imma get hammered tonight. OK, OK I'll stop....I'll get hammered tomorrow. Again jokes aside I am honored to accept this award. And I'm nearly sure it's the first award of many. Let's get on with the show, see ya's soon. Thank You and God Bless!

    *The KOW theme plays*
  3. Reagmaster: Well that was plain boring wasn't it? Boring talking saying the same shit really. He makes jokes, he says a thing about celebrating after the show then he takes the award and leaves. Simple as it could be. But there are some people who get that plain shit, turn it upside down and throw it off the edge of the earth! And that is why the next award was created. The Heel of the year award. The slimy no gooders. The people who can never be redeemed. One of my favourite categorys, personally. So let's waste no time and welcome the heel of the year.

    Luissssssssssssssssssssss Alvarrrrrrrrrrado! @Hybrid

    Reagmaster steps out of the way and lets the winner take his spotlight.

  4. *Luis walks out and stands behind the podium but notices something is missing he then looks over at Reagmaster *
    Luis Alvarado: So, where's my statue? A winner is supposed to have a statue commemorating how great that person is and I want one.
    *Luis stares a hole through Reagmaster before looking at the audience*
    Luis Alvarado: (sighs) Anyways, a normal person would be excited to win such an award, something that is dedicated to the hard work of the individual. Winning an award is meant to be something amazing on someone's terrific day. For you,
    *Luis Points to a member of the audience*
    Luis Alvarado: It might be something special, a pay off to a hard years work. The bright star of your day, but for me
    *Luis points at himself*
    Luis Alvarado: Winning this award; It was just a normal day in the life of Luis.
    *The audience starts to boo Luis*
    Luis Alvarado: I'll see you guys later when I win the rest of the awards.
    *Luis gives a cheesy smile towards the camera before walking away from the podium but quickly walks back*
    Luis Alvarado: And Vanessa, if you're watching thanks for being such a muñeca.
    *Luis walks down from the podium while making the "call me" sign towards the camera*
  5. The Reagmaster: Onto the next category...Ah bollocks! It's talker of the year! Luis! We need you back here to accept the other award! It's talker of the year!

    @Hybrid Aren't I a asshole? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. *Luis walks back to the podium*
    Luis Alvarado: I told you I'd be back. And I. . . . . where the hell is my statue Reag?
    *Reagmaster shrugs at Luis*
    Luis Alvarado: You know, I was going to talk about my greatest wordy moments this year considering I am the talker of the year but I decided against it because well I want to save that for the next award I win.
    *Luis looks over at Reagmaster*
    Luis Alvarado: And there better be a statue next time!
    *Luis steps away from the podium*
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  7. Reagmaster: Why did he expect a statue to appear on stage in the span of like 5 seconds? Seriously? Bruh. Anyway onto the next award which is another double, actually triple award winner. The awards that this man got was OMG Moment of the year, Face of the year and since he is technically apart of the stable, it makes sense for him to collect that award as well. So I have no real introduction for this man because here's one of the few people who I watched countless videos of and I was constantly entertained. I can't lie. But then I realised that I was supposed to hate good guys and I started cheering his rivals. Laughter from the crowd. So the winner of the Face, Team and OMG Moment of the year.

    THE WINNER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (open)
    The Retired Amazing H representing The K.O.W! @SupaHeeroh

    Master steps back and gets told who is winning the next award because Master paid this guy so he didn't have to open envelopes
  8. *The Amazing H walks out onto the stage suited up with a purple blazer and black shirt and trousers. His facepaint matches his blazer. H walks over to the podium with the 3 statues waiting for him.*
    The Amazing H: Well, here I am. Last week I gave it my all in the Elimination Chamber match. I gave it my all in the hopes of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. That was my last chance, my final match because like I said, I am retiring after that match, and i'm still holding my promise. This is the last time you're going to see me here. I know that a lot of people will be expecting me to go for a while here, talk about everything I've done, but i'm not. You all know my history and honestly, i'm tired. I'm exhausted. I've overstayed my welcome and honestly, I don't deserve these awards. I haven't accomplished anything in my time being here. I've never been champion, yet, I've had chance after chance and still lost. I don't want to go out on a down point. I don't want this appearance to be how I am remembered, I want my past to define who I was...
    *H sighs.*
    The Amazing H: Thank you for the awards, even if they should be going to other people. I'll now ride into my painted sunset... I'm done.
    *H walks off the stage. The audience don't know how to react.*
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  9. Reagmaster looks at the the person next to him and says "didn't H win the Hardcore title at one point? I thought lying in your retirement match was a major sin?" Reagmaster walks up to the podum

    See what I meant at the start of this night? Same old boring promo, so boring that I think I might have been standing there for nearly a whole damn week! Anyway onto the next award? What da fuck is this?

    Reagmaster raises a golden envelope and shows it to the audience, Master looking confused as hell.

    Wait a second...This envelope says "Host of the year"? How peculiar.

    The fans start to boo at the Master knowing that Reagmaster set this up

    I actually wasn't aware of this! My God maggle! Well we should atleast check out the nominations.

    Reagmaster opens the envelope and reveals a battered piece of paper, holes in it, a coffee stain on the paper.

    Well let's see....Ant & Dec? Pretty good. Ryan Blake? HA! I lol'ed, he's not getting this award. The soldiers at the start of the ceremony? Oh, come on! They sang and that was it! *Gasp* No, no, no. No fucking way! They wouldn't! I just started! I'm nominated bitches! Who expected that!? Well let's see who won shall we!?

    *Master looks down and reads the winner and immediately throws the envelope down and covers his mouth with the most overly dramatic looks on his face, he continues to being very shocked at the result which he is not revealing before he runs to the microphone and screams into it*


    Reagmaster grabs the award and raises it in the air like some kind of football trophy

    WOOOO! I'm ama-ma-ma-ma-ma-zing! Woop woop! Hell yeah!

    Reagmaster lies down on the ground and keeps his award up above his body, gaining his breath back before standing

    Reagmaster: And since none of the awards really matter now. The main points have happened, really. So to the final winner of the night, yea the FINAL winner of the night. We're finishing it already, this might be a half an hour show if the winner takes too long. And that winner has won not only the breakout star of the year but the superstar of the damn year? Seriously? You people are terrible at voting. Anyway I'm probably not going to have any time after this so fuck you, I'm better than all of you because I have a award!

    The unfortunate winner (open)
    Reagmaster: And the winner and the man who is taking the last segment of the night, I believe. The mascara wearing Robert Blake! @TheFrostyBlur

    Reagmaster jumps down the left of the stage and he walks through the left exit.

    Yea, I know, I just didn't want to do it. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  10. *Robert Blake's theme music begins to play, but Robert doesn't seem to be seen anywhere. The fans are confused to what is happening. Robert's theme begins to play a second time, but Robert still can't be seen. The fans begin to chant "Where are you?" around the arena. A small video clip begins to play on the titantron showing some disturbing images. The arena's lights shut off which starts a new video. It's showing some sort of ward in a hospital of sorts. You can hear many screams and banging on the walls as the cameraman makes his way down the corridor. The camera man stops at the final door which says "Very dangerous. Keep Away". The camera man zooms into the window on the door which shows a man with his face down to his knees on the floor. You can hear little moans from this person as he begins to stand. The person walks towards the window revealing himself as a very restless Robert Blake. He begins to laugh at the camera as he runs back to his original location. He begins to speak as he's standing in the middle of the floor just staring directly at the camera*

    Robert Blake: You all did this to me. I had everything, but it's all gone now. Why does this matter?! Why would I care?! I can't handle the pain.....I can't handle the truth! I didn't lose! How could I lose? Something happened....It wasn't me out there. It was some sort of clone taking my body because I'm the one that matters. It wasn't me! I'm still World champion. Jet Starr isn't World champion, but they believe him. Why not believe me? Something happened! It couldn't have been me since that Robert Blake lost! The true Robert Blake doesn't lose, and that's the Robert Blake I am. They took everything away from me, and I think it's time I take everything away from them. I'm going to tear them all apart! I am Robert Blake! No one can fucking stop me now! I'm going to win back everything I lost! I have no other choice. I need to win, or I'm completely finished with life. You all see? I'm invincible! I'm unstoppable! The only person that can stop me is dead, so why should I care? I'm going to break them all. I can even walk the Moon if I want. I can do anything, but the only thing I want is that World championship. Gold? Gold is pretty. I like Gold a lot, and I want my lovely Gold back. Jet Starr is just the impostor that I need to overcome. You all see? No one can stop me. My brother was going to help me, but he is no longer with us. He died fighting the evil around us. My brother was the only one that could've stopped me, but you all killed him! He was my friend! He was my only friend, and you all killed him anyway. I'm a man who has lost everything, and I swear I'm the man that's going to take everything by storm. My brother's spirit will help me with that.

    *Robert Blake begins to back up as he grabs something from under his bed. The camera begins to zoom in showing a human skull. Robert Blake begins to kiss the skull as he smiles back into the camera*

    Robert Blake: This is all I have left of my brother. It shows me the truth. It shows me the pain and suffering I need to go through, but I can see the destruction at the end. I need to better myself once again, and my brother will help me have no mercy for anyone. I remember the smile of my brother, but he's no longer smiling

    *Robert Blake points the skull towards the camera*

    Robert Blake
    : He's angry. He wants me to destroy it all, and I will always obey my brother. Brother Blake, I'm going to do it all for you. I'm going to win back everything we have lost, and I will do it with force. My dear brother, we're going to make them all pay.

    *Robert Blake begins to lay on the bed facing the wall with his brother's skull pushed against his face. Robert Blake begins to moan as the camera man exits the room*

    Image Of The Setting (open)

    Where The Promo Took Place

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  11. Slight Persona Change for 2k17?
  12. yea

    Robert gone crazy