The Exodus Awards Voting

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  1. God that was hard. I couldn't remember shit when making it. I didn't add match of the year or promo of the year since I couldn't remember any at all
  2. Exodus Superstar Of The Year: @TheFrostyBlur

    Exodus Heel Of The Year: @TheFrostyBlur

    Exodus Face Of The Year: @LukeTheGreatFTW

    Exodus Faction/Team Of The Year: KOW


    Exodus Rivalry of the Year: (Changed Mind) Lukey vs Jay Sparks (very beginning of league)

    Exodus Best Talker Of The Year: @Hybrid

    Exodus Breakout Superstar Of The Year: Annnnd finally the Exodus breakout star of the year is...................... @TheFrostyBlur !!!!!
  3. Want me to add those votes for you or did you click the links and vote?
  4. O
    Oh they're links, I'll do it myself!
  5. Actually can you do them for me my phone is about to die!
  6. And my internet is bad so it takes ages to load
  7. yup
  8. Thx
  9. why the fuck am I in "Face of the Year", I only had like 2 matches on Exodus
  10. Why was The BORT not a superstar of the year nominee?
  11. Probably should put Ellis in the team thing instead of Luis since he had more to do with it than me.
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  12. Am I on any of these? (Doubt it!)
  13. I'm not on any of these.. :flair:
  14. You were face in the TWF 2K16 Xbox league. I just put Exodus since I didn't want it to get the fucked with the PS league
  15. I thought you were in the webmaster stable?
  16. I was.. but there's no award with Reaper in it though.
  17. Guess who's backkkkkkkk?!
  18. Where's @impactking and myselfs rivalry? That IC title rivalry was pretty decent if I do say so myself, read some of the promos if your not familiar with it