The face turn, is it for real?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Is the Miz turning face for real or is it an elaborate work? What do you guys think?

    Miz seemed pretty good at playing the face role last night and he got a pretty good crowd reaction. Many have said he has a more face look than a heel look as well. But is it for real? Are they taking the chance with him or is it an elaborate ruse?

    I'm not sure quite honestly. He could just as well betray team Foley on Sunday but I think we also saw some signs of Bryan turning heel last night. With how he reacted to Kane working with someone else not to mention that he actually attacked Miz last night. Could we instead see Bryan screwing team Foley and we get a double turn in the process?

  2. Honestly, I like the miz and I am a mizift (Obvisiously you could tell because of my name) However I am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. I am hoping that The Miz's face turn is real, but I am not sitting my hopes because there is that chance wwe is playing games with us like I have a gut feeling about. fingers crossed though.

    One a side note, I am for team foley. Team foley all the way. but yeah I am kind of worried about this team just a little bit for reasons other than just The Miz.
  3. I would like to see The Miz have a face turn it'd be fresh.
  4. He was in his hometown last night wasn't he?

    I want it to be a work, I love heel Miz.
  5. The Survivor Series poster makes much more sense now. It's the Miz on a half black and half white backdrop. Showcasing that he is between the dark and the light. Pretty deep....Or I am just grasping for straws.
  6. Yeah I noticed that too. It's like.. is he with Team Foley or Team Ziggler? It's quite interesting, really. I haven't seen much face Miz so I can't really say I'd want him face since he's a pretty good heel as well. I'd probably be content with either.
  7. The heel promos make me lean towards Miz screwing team Foley. Though it won't exactly be fresh or ground-breaking if Miz went back to his heel persona, so who knows. I want a knew role, perhaps a tweener.
  8. I think he'll screw Team Foley.
  9. I think he's going face after SS. IMO they would have flaunted the whole 'OMG MIZ A GOOD GUY' more than they did, he still behaved sort of heelishly which suggests to me they are gonna turn him.
  10. That is true. They didn't flaunt Miz as a face as much as they normally would when they wanted to tease a turn just for the guy to turn again. Could be because of the lack of build though.
  11. Miz actually winning the match for Foley could be a nice way to push him as a top face.
  12. I hope Miz betrays his team. He doesn't fit there although I wouldn't mind seeing more of Miz/Bryan/Kane (heel Miz would be better in that though).
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