Games The Far Cry 5 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by RedDwarfTechy, Mar 6, 2018.

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    It's so close I can finally taste the slaughter of the racist american cult villains! Any of you getting it? I am really keen because for the first time ever the ENTIRE campaign is Co-Op able which is awesome news.

    There's also the fact that it's always been a series that goes from strength to strength so really looking forward to what this iteration brings.

    Just TWO WEEKS!
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  2. I watched the online end of it and it looks really fun. You basically run around like an idiot hillbilly and do what you want.
    This actually looks more fun to me than GTA V online was. I am very tempted to get it but it likely won't be till it goes on sale.
  3. Yeah it's really awesome and the world is a lot more fun than the one in GTA Online IMO. Far Cry always have interesting free roam so having co-op buddy and you wreaking havoc is gonna be awesome.
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  4. I am a sucker for animals and nature so having that added to the mix is a huge bonus to me.
    I have a feeling that RDR2 online will mimic a lot of what they have in Far Cry 5's online end.
  5. I hope so. RDR2 will be awesome regardless because it's hard to hate a RDR game lol. The setting alone means it'll be better than GTA Online. Can you imagine the amount of people on horses waiting to rob banks, have duels with and chase through the town? Gonna be ossum!
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  6. DLC content is still coming out for this game. Anybody else still play it?