Extreme Rules The Fatal 5-Way Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, May 27, 2017.

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    Is this just another win for Roman Reigns? I don't think so, not this time.
    What I'd like to see is 2 of them get a pin simultaneously, thus making the match vs Brock a triple threat. Joe vs Balor vs Lesnar sounds awesome to me. What do you think?
  2. Finn vs Lesnar.... :please: :balor::brockderp:

    But honestly, this match, I think, while the build-up could have been better, and I can excuse WWE a bit since Braun getting hurt messed with their plans a lot, that the match itself can be an entertaining spot fest.
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  3. They're saving Reigns V. Lesnar for WrestleMania so it's safe to say Reigns ain't winning. Balor V. Lesnar is money, a match that could easily headline SummerSlam so I'd say Balor isn't winning even though that's my pick. We've already seen Rollins fight Lesnar and Joe has zero heat on the main roster. Bray is the only other strong possibility.

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  4. I guess Roman would be an obvious answer to this, but after that segment this past Monday night on RAW, I think Finn could be taking the win, as well.
  5. This is obviously no secret and WWE went ahead and made sure to plant those seeds the very next night after Wrestlemania via Paul Heyman's promo. I've already talked about it myself and as much as most of us are not fond of the idea, unfortunately WWE (well...Vince) is already locked in as this being the main event in New Orleans with Roman of course going over, slaying the beast and blah blah blah.

    Assumimg the above is true, Roman Reigns should be the least likely amongst the candidates to win and can be excluded relatively easy. As for the rest of the participants, I would personally like to see Samoe Joe come out the winner but being he's a heel and being Brock is also considered a heel, this option is probably excluded just as easy since WWE usually like the face versus heel aspect. In Seth's case, as already noted above, it's a "been there, done that" deel so if WWE are looking to give us something fresh, I'm axing this option as well so that being said, I personally see it coming down to either Fin Balor or Bray Wyatt.

    In Balor's case, I understand there's a lot of talk about the size difference between him and Brock and how "believable" can it be that he can actually win. To this I call dogshit cause it's been proven time and again that size doesn't really matter; quite frankly, it's a rather simple storyline if WWE were to proceed, making it a classic David vs. Goliath type of thing. My personal "question mark", if you will, in this scenario is this promo we got last Monday on RAW. Don't get me wrong, Heyman putting Balor over was great and all but if Balor were to win at Extreme Rules, they kind of made very predictable already, don't you think? Granted, it wouldn't be the first time WWE got extremely predictable and there's certainly no doubt that Balor vs. Lesnar is a money match but after Monday I'm really second guessing this scenario.

    That being said, as of now I am leaning towards Bray Wyatt being the one to eventually be facing Brock Lesnar. This is something that WWE were already looking to do in the past but never did and as I noted some time ago (well, a couple of years back) when predicting this specific match for Wrestlemania, the promos alone between Bray and Paul would be a treat for us fans. Furthermore, Bray isn't exactly considered a heel per say and he's one guy that has practically become "numb" to losing, meaning it doesn't even matter. We're already used to see him lose (eater of pins, is it?) so another loss here, especially against Brock (whom apparently has to retain) wouldn't really hurt him in what should probably be a one time deal anyway. After this and assuming Braun will return soon enough, WWE can go back to the Bray/Fin storyline that was initially the plan...

    All in all, I wouldn't consider Bray the most popular choice, but I surely consider him the "safest" option...
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  6. Apparently Roman is going to start a feud with Miz and eventually win the IC title, so that when he wins at Wrestlemania he will have won every title except for the universal title. Which sounds awful, but does point to a more exciting option in the winner of the match at Extreme Rules. Personall I think Balor will get the win after that spot with Heyman on Raw last week.
  7. I'm going with with either Reigns or Rollins. Great Balls of Fire is kind of a throw away PPV, so I could see Rollins possibly getting the shot. Or if Reigns wins, and he goes on to beat Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire then that means they'll get the rematch at Summerslam.

    My mind is telling me Seth, but my heart is telling me to go with my boy Reigns. So I'll go with Reigns.
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  8. My money's on Balor

    Also, "fun" fact, if they do do Reigns v Lesnar at Wrestlemania, that'll be Reigns's fourth Wrestlemania main event in a row
  9. I see Seth winning it and just getting destroyed by Brockton at Great Balls of Fire, Lesnar will keep it until Summerslam and Finn will win it
  10. Meant Brock not Brockton
  11. I could see Bray win this one, the hace teased him and Brock in the past with all the Wyatt family stuff, so i think there could be something in that. I do think that the medium term goal is for Balor to have a run with Brock leading to Brock v Roman at Mania, not thrilled about having a shat on main event for another year.

    Question is for the winner of this fatal 5 way is, is this a long/ medium term run over a few PPV or a once a done that see's brock do through all of them avoiding Roman until Mania.
  12. I'm thinking Balor so that way the IWC idiots get what they want, Balor vs Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. Lesnar crushes Balor and moves on. EVERYONE bitches because a guy that's 5'8, 185 lbs with a brick in each pocket couldn't beat Lesnar. Yet they also bitch cause it ain't realistic but they tune in the next night
  13. *calls the Internet Wrestling Communitty idiots, while on an online forum*

    I see you like to like dangerously... I also like to live dangerously.
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  14. There's one good outcome for this match.

    They need to just go ahead and do it.
    Roman Reigns wins. Just go ahead, crown Roman as being the guy who can finally beat Brock. They can't drag this out a year, they couldn't even drag it out the two months since Wrestlemania 33.
    They can't just have more PPV's killing time while waiting for the universal champion to come back before Brock's sporadic appearances are supposed to sell themselves. They have to do something to shake things up. Have to.

    Yeah, I've really warmed up to the idea of Finn vs Brock at Fireballs. Think the match would be tremendous since Finn's really been killing it in the ring when fighting from underneath. He could produce magic with Brock - even typical suplex city Brock - and the story of the match could work great, but they aren't putting Balor over Lesnar. I guess they could go with the commonly floated idea of "Heyman screws Lesnar over by hiring the Club to take out Brock and help Balor win" but that sounds like such a stupid way to do a Lesnar loss. At least it's a shake-up that could give Raw a slight amount of momentum for 2 weeks lol...

    So go ahead. Build to Brock vs Finn at WM34 and get the title change out of the way ASAP.
  15. I can see Joe pinning Wyatt tbh.
  16. I find it funny how Dave Meltzer is now reporting (heard this on a podcast eariler) pretty much everything I wrote above almost word for word...a week ago regarding the possibility of Bray Wyatt coming out the winner this Sunday.

    He's definetely following this forum, no doubt cause by now it's too many coincidences, I'm telling you...:happy:
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  17. Balor wins. Wyatt feuds with Reigns. Seth/Joe feud is altered by the incoming elevation of Miz/Ambrose.

    Finn needs to get his match with Lesnar out of the way fairly quickly in order to get into feuds which are actually going to be interesting in the long run.
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  18. Roman will be the one to take the title off of Brock anyway as planned, but that is supposed to be at Mania to be "Roman conquering the conqueror at last". So as far as this goes, Finn wins and loses against Lesnar, Brock holds onto title until next Wrestlemania where Reigns beats him... that means UV belt is AWOL for a whole freaking year, that is what I think anyway.

    So long story short, god help us all, X-Rules will suck regardless.
  19. Balor v Lesnar has potential to be an amazing match, so let's hope Finn wins tonight
  20. Roman is the Undertaker of ER, he's 4-0 at the PPV so far.