The feud that never was - Kevin Steen vs Nigel McGuinnes

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 15, 2013.

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    I know that these two had a world title match when Nigel was World champ. But this was when Steen was still a ROH midcarder and had yet to bust out his worst nightmare character which made him the star he is right now. And I guess you could count the SCUM vs ROH feud now as Steen's crew vs Nigel's crew but Nigel isn't active anymore. Imagine if they had managed to have a real feud between the two at their respective peaks.

    Do you think this feud could have made money for ROH? Nigel was a workhorse and big puller for the company and Steen has become that now. We also know that both men are really really good in the ring, Nigel working with his methodical and hard hitting style against Steen's monster heel style. They are also good talkers so the promos would be nice.

    So here's the discussion.

    Would Nigel vs Kevin have worked?

    How would you have booked it?
  2. Of course it would have worked, the big question would be who the heel was, both are great at it.
  3. That would be the hardest decision, both work best as heels. If I were booking I guess I'd have Nigel as the face cause I enjoy crazy Steen better. The matches would be stellar and would definitely put butts in the seat and generate iPPV buys.
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  4. Nigel as a face and Steen as his anti Christ heel. They can work the promos good, and the matches would be the same level, if not better. Of course the one who i would choose to win this feud is Steen, but it would have been nice to see.
  5. Tweener vs. tweener would be dope shit, no doubt.

    Their ROH Title matches were all great, but I wish this feud is happening in ROH no, as it'd bring back the legitimacy to ROH again.
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