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From the moment Stone Cold Steve Austin was announced as appearing on Raw from Madison Square Garden last night (Mon., Sept. 9), people were speculating/fantasy booking he would be attacked by Bray Wyatt. Wyatt’s alter ego The Fiend has made a habit of assaulting legends like Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, and Jerry Lawler. Bray fed the fan frenzy with a tweet leading up to the show, and with the latest edition of “Firefly FunHouse” during it.

It’s not surprising Bray teased a Fiend attack. The FunHouse host version of his personality has incorporated and responded to internet theories since before his first appearance on television. But The Fiend was never going to lay a (mandible) claw on that “old Rattlesnake”.

The main reason is because Austin is protective of the Stone Cold character in a way few performers are, or can be in a brand-driven company that hasn’t had real competition in years. And he’s smart to be, considering it’s one of the most lucrative gimmicks in the history of the business. It’s not to say he won’t help shine someone up - he did it for everyone he shared the ring with last night, including AJ Styles, who had to eat a Stunner or two, but got to verbally run down Austin in a way few do beforehand. But he’s not gonna be left quivering on the ground if there’s no way for him to get his heat back.

Stone Cold is almost certainly not working another match, and Wyatt can’t afford to do what AJ did last night at this point. So... no Fiend attack.

There’s also no history between Austin and Wyatt. One of the most consistent things about this current iteration of Bray is he’s attacked people he had run-ins with in previous incarnations. People like his potential Hell in a Cell opponents Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman, a pair of “bozos” who “in another life... took something very dear” to Wyatt, and “practically invoked The Fiend”.

But you know who isn’t retired, and feuded with The Eater of Worlds once upon a time? A Legend who “took something” from Wyatt at WrestleMania 31, just proved he can still go (in the right situation) at Extreme Rules, and who will be at the Garden for SmackDown tonight?

I think you see where this is going, even before we address how Bray “fixed” Abby’s clock to display the date of Undertaker’s debut at a Superstars taping* on Nov. 19, 1990.

Unless, of course, this is just Bray messing with us again, and we won’t see The Fiend again until Clash of Champions or its fallout show next Monday when he starts building his feud with Braun and/or Seth for the Oct. 6 pay-per-view (PPV) in Sacramento.

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Join us in the live blog tonight and we’ll find out together!

* This post originally incorrectly referred to Undertaker’s debut as having happened on Raw.
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