The Fifa Ultimate Team Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by The Wolf Said Poofy, Dec 15, 2012.

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  1. (This post is long but worth the read if u are bored or are interested in discussing fifa)

    I dont know if anyone has created a fifa ultimate team thread yet, but incase there isnt one yet, well here it is, feel free to delete if thats the case.

    Here we can discuss anything from tactics, players, etc. I have it on the xbox btw.

    I just started playing fifa ultimate team a week ago after for so long being a bit narrow minded and not giving it a chance, in turn now that ive finally played it it has been a fun, addictive, rewarding experience for me, and i think im pretty good at "it" too.

    When i pre ordered fifa 13 i got 24 gold packs for free, 1 each week, well i opened them up but since they were all different formations and rather MEH i had given it a :finger:

    But then i decided to finally actually try, without reading or watching any tutorial videos mind you :pity:, and made a great handful of money and profit from it.

    Since then in about 5 days i have created two squads and i have not lose once online or in single player against the ULTIMATE difficulty which is rather easy imo.

    The two squads are a German Hybrid as i love germany and i speak some german my self, and a Brazilian Spanish Connection with the afformentioned players. I plan on making English/French and Turkish/Croatian squads next.

    My german squad is as follows...

    With the subs being Podolski CAM,Muller CF, Ter Stegen GK, Boateng CB/RB, Aogo LB, Holtby CDM, and Khedira CDM, also have Kroos CAM in the reserves but hes cheap and irrelevant :woo1: No point in making him a CDM as some have tried.

    Thats a squad that cost me perhaps less than 50 k,(dont pay attention to estimate at top of page) i got Ozil for 9700(average is 20,000), i was probably bidding against a poor/uninformed player. Its the best in every position while thinking in economy. Klose was cheaper than Gomez and is arguably better in many ways, although ill get gomez or Kie*ling as subs. Schweinsteiger and Neuer and Hummels are the Only three semi major improvements, but Gundogan and Holtby are beasts. Tim Weise i heard is doing poorly IRL but hes pretty good in game. Joachim Low is the manager.

    My 2nd squad is at follows, cost me about 20 k in total, a complete great squad for what an ozil normally goes for..Its the best start possible for making this type of hybrid if u r looking for an economical solution that is also great.

    Julio Cesar is a good buy, has made some great saves and for only 900 coins which i didnt find too bad, I was too lazy to go and get the players in bidding wars @ 150 starting price so i just bought them all through my wallet, Santana 2100, Dante 650, Luiz Gustavo which is like a Poor Mans Ramires is amazing, Javi Garcia which is the best out of all spanish cdm's aside from alonso, in the game, Lucas and kaka are ripoffs when you can get the cheap alternatives in Carlos Eduardo, and Isco, and the 3 strikers i got is all u need in rodrigo, adrian, and soldado which in total i got for 1800, instead of over priced villa and pato.

    The Manager is Unai Emery bought for 150, and transformed into 4-2-2-2 for 300.

    Both my teams have practically 100 chemistry at that, and i use Catania's Beautiful home kit as my kit, with the allianz arena as my german hybrid stadium, and The bernabeu as the Brazil/Spanish home.

    In total these two squads are great, and cheap, bargains, and they are direct counter attack oriented teams, with the 4-2-3-1 being ultimatley universal.

    Here is a link for an ultimate team guide website.

    Here is a guide for prices

    Which has the best and most accurate prices imo.
    and then this place is the ultimate place for player information, better than the above link in every way and has comments on player pages but the problem is that the prices given for the players seem to be above by an average of 1000 than the prices the link above gives which i tend to trust heavily because of its accuracy. But they are still realistic prices and i have ripped of dozens by selling oscars and lucios for above the price i got them :woo1:
  2. Bored of UT. Easy to get coins, easy to win, the game is arcade-like.
  3. Once you do it all which i can see as being easy, i guess it can become very boring for many, but its a fun alternative, ive really enjoyed it.
  4. Play me on Fifa :emoji_grin:
  5. Gamertag? :vince:
  6. Repeatable
  7. Request sent :maybe:
  8. My current squad at the moment:

    A very good squad, well balanced.
    Remy and Benzema, both strong strikers with great shots and speed, Benzema is an absolute monster.
    Nasri is ridiculous, makes plays and nails shots from the middle and also has great passing.
    Ayew and Pastore are awesome players with good passing and pretty good pace. Pastore has the sickest finesse shot ever.
    Joey Barton is the most well rounded player in the game, theres nothing hes super good at but nothing hes bad at.
    Defense is whatever, I'm still working on it.
    Mandanda is a boss.

    My second squad;

    This squad is so much fun to play with, has a couple 5-star skillers who aren't that bad to begin with. Emerson is so fucking fun to play with and Ronaldinho is sweet as hell.
  9. Lol Mandanda looks like a boss indeed, nice squad, Sahko looks good, but you could get better players for the price of maxwell and alex, your attacking power looks to be filled with pace indeed, and barton looks good too.

    Ronaldinho is pretty slow though isnt he?

    Nice squads
  10. Yeah I've been looking into it, but if you could tell my squad was a Ligue 1/France squad. The best person for LB is Evra and I've been having a hard time making my squad w 100 chem.
    In the long run I want to replace Alex with Thiago Silva, but he's pretty expensive.

    Ronaldinho has like 54 pace stat but it feels like 70. I can just deke someone out with skill moves and blow right past them.

    Thanks you too
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