Kayfabe The Final Promo, For The Final Match, That Will Be His Final Mission

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As the Wrestle Dynasty Pre-Show continues on, we cut to the unmistakable interior of the Blade Bunker. Numerous screens populate the large wall, which have videos of every competitor in the Elimination Chamber match later on in the night. Seated underneath the monitors looking at them intently is none other than The Blade. Although first unaware of the camera's presence, The Blade begins talking in a very rushed manner, too quickly for it to be considered anything legible. Slowly, the camera approaches him, but before it can get too close, Blade slowly turns around in his chair, revealing a new Black and Grey mask that he is wearing. His eyes look terribly bloodshot, and the few parts of his face that are seen under his mask could only be described as rough. Staring directly into the camera, it slowly zooms in towards his face, making his features more prominent.

"Tonight, there will be a new awakening for Precision. No longer will The Blade sit and deal with the monotonous process of waiting for an opportunity to bring back pride to these grounds. There will be a new champion of the world, which means that there will be a new representative of what a champion is. A proud defender of that title will stand up and prove what it really means to be a champion. Heart and dedication are what truly makes a man a true champion, not resorting to cheap tactics and dastardly means...No, tonight, a new dawn arises, and The Blade will once again capture the World Heavyweight Championship, and it will finally be held by a champion who will defend it with honor."

Issuing his final statement, Blade stands up from his chair and once again stares the camera down directly.


Exclaiming his once commonly used catchphrase, instead of following it by "flying" off of the screen, he instead looks at the camera for a final time, before it slowly fades to black.

-Blade's Last Segment Over-

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