Kayfabe The Final time.


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
*The video starts with Chris Young sitting in a chair. He has a cold stare on his face,*

Chris: This will be short and sweet I been gone looking for myself the Chris you saw before was not me and this is the last time you'll see this Chris Young. Look, I had my ups and my downs I will not lie to you all. My whole life my dream was to wrestle the best this world has to give me and I have. I've done things, other people can't compete with or they just can't do as well as me. I've been a winner I spent my first year of wrestling sleeping in cars and on my brother's couch just to get by!
Yeah I'm no Diamond, Blade, or Vega but at least I'm me and from now on I'll be me and that me, is just amazing.
Haze, You are my last foe and just like last time your dream will be crushed.

*A shadow shows up behind Chris*

Chris: And We are ready to show the world. I Came here to wrestle and what did I do I did just that!
I've won some and I have lost some so what? I will show you and everyone else that I'm better than you think I am.
Get ready to settle the score and get ready for your face to hit the floor.
I'm ready for a war and I'm not going to back down. So you going to act like a bitch and hide or grow a pair and fight me like a man or will you run and hide?
This is the dynasty and what will you leave? I will leave with a victory.
I'm done and I'm out.

*the video ends.*

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