Kayfabe The Finale

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The man with the rear that makes the girls cheer!
*The Amazing H turns on his personal vlogging camera. He dusts it off, places it down and begins applying his facepaint in the Kings locker room.*
The Amazing H: Man, it’s been a while since I used this, aha!
*H smiles, thinking back to his earlier times.*
The Amazing H: I announced my retirement months ago. I said that I wanted one last run. One last chance to hold a title. So far I’ve failed at doing that. I’ve managed nothing. I haven’t won any titles, hell, I’ve hardly been winning any matches. I guess the things that are said about me are true... I’m always hanging with the top, but not good enough to BE the top...
*H finishes applying his facepaint.*
The Amazing H: I’ve got this one final chance to prove myself this weekend at The Mega Show. The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line and me and my fellow Kings are stepping into an Elimination Chamber to fight for the belt. I’m not going to say I won’t be disappointed if one of my Kings win it instead of me, because I will. Obviously I’ll be happy for them, but... They’ve won titles before. Not me, I’ve always been a mouth with a particular look and a habit of hurting peoples legs... I stand out for that reason. I don’t stand out for having a belt and some would say that I don’t really need it, but for my own personal satisfaction, damn it would feel good.
*H looks over to his K.O.W t-shirt, picks it up and puts it on.*
The Amazing H: I think I’ve always been known for being more of a team player more than a solo act. I was with that other painted goon Aleks Frost for a while as Painted Crazy. I haven’t spoken to him in forever... I don’t even know how he’s doing, or Lucy for that matter. Knowing him he’s probably fine. Maybe he’s rekindled his relationship with his mother and Tyson... Then, obviously the Kings. Myself, Luke, Jet... Even the other members who aren’t around anymore like Fireshock and Tony. All these names highly successful in their own right, yet I’m probably the least successful of the bunch. Now, I’m not jealous. Fair play to them all, it’s just... It never came around to be my turn, y’know? Hopefully this Saturday things change. Maybe I can go out on top...
*H leaves the locker room and bumps straight into Thomas Drago.*
Thomas Drago: Oh, look who we’ve got here! Who are you this time? Stage-hand H? Maybe camera man H? What’s up with that thing?
The Amazing H: No, Thomas... You wanted to see The Amazing H, you’ve got him.
Thomas Drago: Is this a joke? No more stupid disguises?
The Amazing H: You’ve got me.
Thomas Drago: Wow... Uh, but why?
The Amazing H: Because this is the last time you’re going to see me. No more games. I’ve got one match left... Then I’m gone.
Thomas Drago: I see... So, what’s your game plan?
The Amazing H: I dunno. I’ve had a game plan for basically every match I’ve been in. Look how far that’s got me. I’m going to go in there with a clear head. Hopefully I’ll last until the end and become World Heavyweight Champion.
Thomas Drago: What if it comes down to the final two being you and one of your fellow Kings?
The Amazing H: Then that’s how it’s going to be. I’m not going to hold back. They’ve already proved that they’re good enough to hold that championship. I’m going to prove that I’m not the runt of the group. This isn’t just some other match for me. This is it. There is no next match after this. I’m going out on top of my game.
Thomas Drago: Ok, well, good luck.
*Thomas holds out for a handshake. H shakes his hand.*
The Amazing H: Time to prove that I’m worthy of being a King...
*The Amazing H walks away. He turns off his camera.*
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