Kayfabe The Finish to Blake vs Bull

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  1. *Robert Blake runs towards Jordan Bul, but Jordan counters with a huge lariat ,turning the champion inside out. He beckons Robert to his feet and hits him with another scintillating lariat, nearly decapitating Blake. Jordan then slaps the mat hard as Robert Blake gets up using the ropes, only to be clotheslined out of the ring. All the momentum is with Bull who points his fingers like a gun at Blake, who is on the outside. Jordan runs against the ropes and hurtles through the ropes towards the champion like a bullet with a suicide dive! He then rolls into the ring, runs against the ropes and does it again. He has now built up a head of steam! Jordan comes off the ropes like a train and towards Robert Blake...who meets him with a chair shot to the head as Jordan is just coming through the ropes. The referee calls for the bell and Jordan slumps down onto the apron, seemingly knocked out. Jordan Bull has won the right to face Robert Blake again, but at what cost? Blake seems to feel the weight of the steel chair and sizes Bull up. He strikes the already incapacitated man across the spine once more with the chair, the crowd booing but not as heavily as they would if one of their favourite stars had been attacked. Robert Blake admires his work and walks off proudly*
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