The first day of Summer is HERE!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone have plans for this summer?
  2. Nothing :sad:
    I'll just stay home lol, and maybe buy an XBOX 360 or a PS3, I know it's too late now but better late than never, I'll probably buy the PS4 next year.
  3. I am with you. I have no big plans. Just getting some sun, probably hanging out by my parents house for swimming & bonfires... But that is about it. lol
  4. Swimming eh? :ksi:

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    Can I go swimming with you? :fap::fap::fap:
  5. I'm going to visit my boyfriend early in the month of July since a friend of his has a wedding so I'll be there for nearly a week. Outside of that I'll just be working all summer.
  6. Probably die.
  7. Meatspin 24/7
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  8. My aunt and I are planning to visit somewhere, but we're not entirely sure if we are yet so I won't say anything until we know, lol.

    Other than that, nothing really. My brother (not biological or anything, but I've known him since I was small and I consider him my brother) is coming here from LA for a Yu-Gi-Oh convention. Hope to finally get to meet him after all these years, lol.
  9. I live in England it'll probably rain for half of it. I'll do my usual shit of playing games, eating snacks, reading comics and being the geek that I am.
  10. Eat.Sleep.Gaming.Wrestling.Sleep.
  11. Go to the beach, spend time with my girlfriend,... Best summer ever in 2013!
  12. Work.
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  13. You should go visit Xanth :ksi:
  14. Getting a job. That's about it.
  15. Get a job.
  16. Probably a lot of bitching about the summer.
  17. Play football and video games.

    Plan for Sixth Form College

    and fap on a regular basis.
  18. Also I swear Brit made this exact same thread last month.
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  19. Watch power rangers, start reading comics / gaming more to hide from the rain.
  20. I thought so
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