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  1. *The titantron changes over to a dark room with a single light hanging off the roof, slowly swinging as it gives a dim light to the room. Chris is kneeling down with his fist to the damaged ground that lay beneath him*
    So my next victim...my next victims name is Jack and he's quite big in the ranks of this place. Well the bigger they are the harder they fall Jack. I've got nothing to lose and I never have done because I'm new here and I've already destroyed three opponents, whereas you're quite big in this whole community thing we have here. The crowd love you, the guys back stage don't seem to have a problem with you either, but that means you've got a reputation and something very big to lose.
    *Slowly Chris rises and the light flashes past his face with every swing. There's no emotion on Chris' face and the look he is giving is chilling*
    You know what you're stepping into Jack but that doesn't mean you can stop me or stop what I'm going to do with you. You can bet my focus is on you but only for tonight. Well that's all I'm going to need to beat you and earn my name as a true destroyer, obviously if I haven't earnt that name for myself already. I don't care about championships, respect or what anyone else thinks about me because all I need to do is show how strong and powerful I truly am and make people fear me because I'm my eyes that's all I need. Fear fills me with happiness especially when someone is afraid of me.
    *Chris starts breathing heavily and gives a sly smirk*
    Everyone else I've stepped up against have been left battered and bruised after our match whether I've lost or won. Jack I don't think you understand that I don't care if I've lost or won as long as I've made sure you can't walk out without great pain spreading across your destroyed body. One of my discus clotheslines or end of days and you can bet your neck is going to be feeling it. I'm going to beat you down until you're weakened and I'm going to make sure you know when I'm finishing you. I'm not afraid of anyone and I don't stand back from any challenge. Soon you will feel the power of me and you'll meet your Doomsday...
    *Chris grabs the light bulb and crushes it with his hand as the light sparks and darkness is all that can be seen. The segment ends*
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