The following users have sigs that are too large and they need to be adjusted

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. wwerulesrkolover Wannabe D'Z (Seabs) with his stupid pink user group

    I'll add more as I see them.

    They have sigs that are way larger and more annoying than Rhodes, who had his shit edited.
  2. Or just PM Staff instead of being lame.
  3. Yeah why weren't these folk picked on? Double standards on here !
  4. One of the culprits IS A STAFF MEMBER. IT'S AN INSIDE JOB

    I had to blow the lid off this case. And if you take that tone with me again I'll neg rep the shit out of you and put the Big Show in your sig
  5. At least put usernames. Some may find the nicknames you've given them offensive. If not offensive then rude.
  6. is Filipino an offensive term? if so I apologize

    Seabs and wwelovers23 or whatever the fuck it is, for those who are slow
  7. Just so you know there is a Staff thread on being stricter with sig sizes. :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Once again I remind you the biggest sig around is a staff member! I can't trust staff to do the right thing when the oversized siggers have an insider amongst your staff. Your security has been breached.

    The point is I noticed Rhodes got his sig shut down, so these two noobs should as well because they have way bigger/lamer sigs
  9. Stop pretending you've never had a big sig noob.
  10. Where did I pretend that? I've already admitted I basically invented oversized sigs on this site. I'm a changed man now
  11. Lmao fair enough. Tag Seabs and have him explain himself.
  12. @[Seabs] doesn't care
  13. Mine is small images so takes less time to load than users with multiple gifs in their sigs for instance. It won't cause inconvenience to scroll down as they won't be flashing by also, finally the don't stretch the screen or any such issues. The curse word in your sig could however cause a serious issue with our younger members, even though censored most parents will know what it means as will the children who they want to protect for that terminology, also it could be considered a false term, can you prove you have this?
  14. just disable people from being able to have signatures! they dont deserve this much freedom of expression!!!
  15. :true:
  16. You are such a fag. Fix your oversized (and frankly lame as fuck) sig NEOW
  17. Offensive terms, consider this a verbal warning.
  18. ^Somebody doesnt like the term "lame."
  19. Consider this me telling you to take your verbal warning and shove it up your ass. YOU are the one receiving a verbal warning. It will (possibly) be removed when you fix your abortion of a sig.
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