The forgotten classics - non WWE edition.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. As this is a forum mainly filled with fans of the WWE, I thought it would be pretty cool to see what people thought were classic matches from any other company bar the WWE. The match that brought this on was Andre Vs Hansen from 81, will post link below. It's a great example of selling by the babyface Hansen, on the arm to be precise as the heel Andre uses this to counter the Western Lariat. The way the match is paced also manages to make 18 minutes feel like 5, a couple of decent spots such as the slam on Andre are always nice to see. An excellent example of a match where something is always happening.


    Post away.
  2. Any specific time period or any outside of WWE?

    IMO Steen/Richards and Steen/Generico deserve a shout. To be honest I need to watch more wrestling matches from like 15-20 years ago, I'm really out of sync with the proper "classics".

    Edit: Just seen thread title properly, I missed the word forgotten. My bad.
  3. No specific time period, just things that don't get a mention. For example a lot of smarks know about Steen's recent stuff but Steenerico Vs The Briscoes is forgotten to an extent. Basically stuff which isn't really discussed at all, finally you saw Steen Richards also lol.
  4. Yeah only noticed a min ago (ninja edited you). And yeah that match was awesome, I was watching it at like 4am.
  5. Does this match count?
    Terry Funk vs Cactus Jack IWA Duel of the Wilds January 8, 1995 Barbed Wired Ropes Match
    Show Spoiler

    Haven't heard anybody mention it, and it seems like a good match to me.
  6. It's been a while since I've seen a match with that good understand of psychology tbh, Steen's knee giving way but he still slapped and spat at Davey, it was all sold so well leading into Steen clawing at the corner pad in the ankle lock. Davey showed a bit more arrogance as well which was enjoyable for me personally, he knew he was in "enemy" territory so he was basically saying fuck it I'll still do it my way.

    That's exactly the kind of thing I mean Farooq, it's kind of to acknowledge the unacknowledged, to give people who haven't seen much of a certain scene a shot at it.


    Another example would be this, Takayama had a great year in 2001 IMO, possibly his best. Misawa was brilliant as per usual, I'll write a more complete summary of the match after re-watching it but I remember enjoying it a few times before.
  7. I'd like to add one more with Terry Funk, it's from XPW featuring two former ECW World Heavyweight Champions.
    Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas for the XPW World Championship
    Show Spoiler
  8. Want to see The Deadman fight Mr. People Power? Well here you go
  9. Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode - Destination X - 2012


    This was an amazing match, Back anfd forth the whole way through, Near pinfalls, Submissions and one of the biggest suprise win in wrestling for a long time! This match was an amazing way to end Roode's title run and enter the Aries era.

    Jack Evans vs Matt Sydal

    For a short match this was awesome! Deffinately give it a watch. Some cool spots in it just a shame it didn't go longer.

    "Sick" Nick Mondo vs Wifebeater - CZW

    I couldn't find the full match but this is the highlights. If you find the full match give it a watch! It's fucking awesome! Also check out CZW for some more hardcore things!
  10. Road Warriors vs Doom
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