The formation of the NEW AGE OUTLAWS

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nobody, May 2, 2013.

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  1. Where do you rank them among the tag teams historically?

    By far my favorite tag teams, the main reason DX is the GOAT stable, and two of the best on mic performers in history.
  2. Billy Gunn one of the best mic performers in history? Are you on fucking crack? There is a reason he only got 2 words during promos...
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  3. What Dolph said. Billy Gunn was okay on the stick in limited doses when paired with the Road Dogg. Otherwise he should have just shut up.
  4. So many southern accents I thought it was a NWA southern show. Great team nonetheless, and were a very entertaining addition to D-Generation-X when they joined. I think Road Dogg was the one great on the mic, Billy Gunn was decent to me.
  5. I'll agree with Road Dogg on the mic being a GOAT, but Billy Gunn. I mean, he's no Heath Slater....
  6. As long as no one waves a magic wand and erases the NWO from history, then they will always be the GOAT stable in wrestling history. Sorry.

    Anyway, I love the New Age Outlaws and they were one of the most popular tag teams ever so they're right up there with the all time greats like the Hart Foundation, Road Warriors/Legion Of Doom, Dudleyz, the Midnight Express, Rockers, British Bulldogs, Edge and Christian, Hardyz, etc.
  7. douche, do you only spend time on here to hate?

    Billy gunn was nothing on the mic compared to the Road Dogg, but him saying 2 sentences makes him > most. Yes, im on crack.
  8. NAO are/were great. They complimented each other perfectly. As stated, Road Dogg covered Gunn's mic deficiency, and Gunn would take over in the ring especially when Dogg was too high to perform.
  9. Hate? I'm just pointing out facts. He was less than most on the mic, not greater than.
  10. I can accept that. I was a 12 year old kid to be fair, i remember him as great on the mic, but it's clear that is far from the truth.
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