The Forums, now 3 times better.

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by ThreeXBetterThanU, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Yo, I have finally arrived. My name, is Three Times Better Than U, because I am just that. Many people call me Three for short.

    Short about me, I'm a young black man from new Orleans, twenty five years old. Been a fan of wwe since five. Also enjoy the video game.

    Favorite of all time Shawn Michaels. Favorite current R Truth. Favorite Eye Candy Layla and Eve.
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  2. Thanks for letting us know you're black.
    Welcome to the site where every color is acceptable.
  3. Hey man welcome to the forums. It sucks that you're already three times better than me though :((.

    Heel R-Truth was epic, do you still find him entertaining as a face though?
  4. Welcome to the forum. That introduction was three times better than any other. Hope you remain active. :otunga:
  5. Face Truth has his moments but it seems like hr isnt given enough time on screen. When he was heel he had ample time to entertain, but now, he's just barely on. I say give him more time, the shows are THREE hours now. Cut cm punk and cena's promos down from six a night to five and give R Truth one.

    Oh, and I found out about this place from tapatalk 2.
  6. The thing is they have no story for him now so they can't give him mic time to speak about something we don't know about.
  7. Sort of agree, though face Truth brings nothing in my opinion. I think he's the perfect sadistic crazy heel who can really help the midcard. He's a bit too old for the main event now so you can't build the product around him.
  8. Re: RE: The Forums, now 3 times better.

    Yeah, I understand that, but they should give him a storyline. Let him date A J.... Speaking of.... Why is everyone stealing truth's stories. He said there was a conspiracy and he hated how much John Cena was selling merch and being the face, cm punk stole that. He was crazy and stuff and now everybody is stealing that. And now they have nothing for him. Sucks. Now he should go back heel and use that story.

    ~Three Said That~
  9. CopyCat - :smug:
  10. That makes you 6 times better than me because i'm that bad
  11. He must be around 300 times better than me. :haha:
  12. lmfao
  13. Awesome, someone almost as old as me is here. Welcome to the forum.
  14. Welcome to the site
    and WHAT'S UP
  15. This was the only thing I saw, welcome! Use to live in New Orleans for about 5-6 years, it's a pretty good city.
  16. Welcome to the forums man, I'm sure you'll have a nice time here.
  17. Except green, we don't fuck with no green people on here. Welcome to the forums
  18. Loved Truth during his heel segments. :otunga:

    Welcome to the forum, I lol'd at the fact you included your favorite eye candy.
  19. Hey i'm 24 bro! How old are you ?
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