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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. 3 WWE guys and 2 New Japan guys making up the top 5. Followed by 2 more WWE guys, 2 TNA guys and 1 ROH guy to make up the top 10.

    Shout out to Grado making it in at number 500. It's yersel!
  2. Wooh Sandow #102!!

    Good find Stop, was waiting for this to come out since they released DB at #1 a few days ago.
  3. Da big guy at 75 way too low a number. 7 or 5 maybe :happy:
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  4. Why is Batista ranked #16 for five months of work? He should be high on the list, but not that high.
    Dean Ambrose is ranked two notches below at #18. Really? The Shield broke up June 2. Ambrose proved enough from then until July 31st to be higher than Batista.
    Austin Aries at #23? That's two notches lower than Sheamus at #21. Sheamus missed a huge chunk from MITB until Royal Rumble. WTF?
    Dolph Ziggler at #54? How disrespectful! They will justify this with wins and losses, but they know he was buried for his mouth. #54 is just disrespectful.
  5. How is it? He hasn't really done much until just recently. I wouldn't even put him at 54 to be quite honest. More like a 60-75 type.
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  6. I know, I know. I even agree with Shadow on his assessment of your post.
    A couple of years ago, I would be with you. When I take his performances into account in comparison with the other performers, I see greater than #54.
    This isn't the 'Most Outstanding Wrestler' list, I understand that. Everyone knows why Ziggler lost all those matches, despite how over he's been.
    Ziggler's booking has been huge joke. The worst kept secret in WWE today is that Ziggler was buried for running his mouth, when he shouldn't have.

    I clearly cannot discredit you or Shadow's view point, but I still see #54 as completely disrespectful, considering Sheamus, The Uso's and the Big Show are ranked higher.
  7. Okay did CM Punk not make the list at all? Wow.
    I didn't see Lesnar, which surprises me a tad, considering who he downed this from July 2013 to July 2014.
    I can appreciate the omission from a purist point of view, however.
  8. Cena at 3 is wrong

    Top 2 are right
  9. WWE probably paid PWI not to put Punk in there.

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  10. So surprised the Bunny did not make this list.. He's easily top 5..
  11. Jaimy coxxx at 471 ftw.
  12. wtf is this list based on. 5 wrestling fans who randomly put people in? Sheamus in the 20's, how much of this year did he miss? Magnus over Bully in TNA, EY top 20 ffs? Stopped after that, surprised to see Rollins below Ambrose and Reigns tbh.

    Shit looked again and saw his name. I don't know how I missed it the first time. WWE heavy as hell so far. I still am confused. Most TV time? Entertaining in ring? A list of 5 dudes top 500 favorite guys in a random order?

    I go to Gamefaq's, I think their top 100 games of every system (random voting any user can do) would be a ton more legit. We should do a top 100 thread here and have people use that voting style.
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  13. kayfabe accomplishments. And Rollins is 5 spots ahead of Ambrose.
  14. Sheamus...he missed not even 1 month of 2014.
  15. I noticed and edited but not quickly enough.
    Oh it was 2013. Still, one midcard run and that high up?

    33.The Big Show

    34.Luke Harper

    35.Jay Lethal

    36.Bobby Roode

    37.Bad News Barrett

    How does that make sense.
  16. Why is Blutista higher than the tittie master????:eww2:
  17. Won the Royal Rumble and main evented the 30th Wrestlemania.

    Same as Roman and Seth being above Dean in the list. One set the new record for most eliminations in a Royal Rumble and was the runner up to win it, the latter won Money in the Bank.
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  18. Yet the list is compiled from July '13 to July '14
  19. lolpwi
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  20. Bookers basically make this entire list. The performer himself has relatively little say in how this list is compiled.
    Did these guys watch any match at all in its entirety?
    Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero are higher than Shelton Benjamin. Really?
    This list has made me chuckle since about 2004 when they started getting lazy with their 'point' system.

    Not everything is bad. Somebody on the panel wasn't a complete imbecile.
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