The funkasorius and girls

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Victoria Justice, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. What do you think about big brodus and his girls
  2. He's a boss and the girls are bangable. I'm a big fan in general.
  3. Love him an the girls! Good gimmick looks like he enjoys it too!
  4. This.

    Brodus needs a story-line, but I'm still enjoying his segments. Don't get me started on those girls!
  5. I would destroy those girls i could talk all night about them but there introducing him is gay
  6. I love a good gimmick. I think we need more of them. Big fan of Brodus.
  7. Definitely need some better gimmicks, completely agree. I wonder what sort of match Brodus will be in at WM.
  8. It is not only that I like it, I am shocked on how well of a success it has become. If they continue doing this the right way then Brodus will be going places. Those girls are pretty smoking.
  9. I was too to be honest. I never thought a gimmick like this would work on the modern WWE crowd. On his debut, I hated his gimmick. I wanted to see a monster-heel. But now I've become a huge fan, he's so over aswell.
  10. I think it is time for him to stop wrestling jobbers.
  11. I think he's going to enter a feud with McIntyre.
  12. Just reiterating what a lot of users have already said, but I love the gimmick, but at this point I'm just waiting for him to be put into a feud, and hoping it comes before the masses lose interest. Down the line I'd like to see him feuding with Swagger for the US Title, Miz, or ADR (being his former lackey) but I'm not sure he's there yet.. I'd like to see Drew Mcintyre utilized by being put into a feud with Funkasaurus instead of just being jobbed out on Smackdown to Santino. [Edit]-- Wow Crayo, I didn't even see your post about Drew before making my post.. totally agree about a feud between the two. Great minds think alike

    As for the girls... Naomi's ass is a friggin masterpiece!!

  13. Completely agreed. How far do you reckon he CAN go though with this gimmick? All the way?

    Also, I want a source for that picture!! :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. Unfortunately Vince doesn't listen to the crowd like he used to, and handpicks who will get pushed to the top. If he is properly booked and continues to develop the character I can see him being incredibly over with fans, but I'm not sure that WWE will ever take him higher than a mid carder with this gimmick. Hopefully he at least gets a couple of US/IC title runs
  15. When did he ever listen to the crowd? Take Rick Rude for example. He got immense heat every night yet he was never given a main event push or Hogan in the early 90's with the heat he received.
  16. True. I wouldn't mind him being the one taking the title off Rhodes right before Mania (or after). That way Rhodes can take his rightful place in the main-event and Brodus can be elevated once more with a title. Rhodes is pretty over as a heel, so it'd help Brodus even more. Plus, the promo's from Rhodes would be hilarious to Brodus.
  17. You're right, but he would seemingly put more stock into them back then as compared to now where he completely ignores them.

    Crayo, I'm not sure WWE has any plans for him before Mania unfortunately. I expected the squash match redundancy to have ended after the Rumble, but low and behold out he came to squash Tyler Reks on Raw this week
  18. :emoji_cry: I can predict what'll happen already. WWE will once again carry on too long doing the same thing, Brodus will go from being loved to hated (in the IWC specifically) or will just get no reaction on TV.
  19. Normally don't like black girls. They'd get it though.
  20. They really need to put him in a feud. Otherwise, I'll just get bored of him squashing jobbers on a weekly basis.
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