The funny things commentators say thread.

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  1. Here we can collect funny quotes from wrestling commentary. Kind of like the funny picture thread. But with words.

    Here are some from the build up to Over The Limit.

    Cole: (after Matthews pointed out that Del Rio didn't pin Sheamus to get his title shot) "Way to let facts get in the way of a good story, Josh. If Del Rio believes he pinned him then that's what I believe."

    Booker T: (after Cole said each participant in the upcoming four way match has a 25% of winning) "I don't know what you're talking about, Cole. Sheamus has as good a chance as winning as anyone else."

    Cole: (after a standing dropkick by Orton) "Randy Orton with a nice standing dropkick. He's now added that to his repertoire."

    Booker T: (after some bulls***) "Randy Orton's skills in the ring are unmatched, but Del Rio is the one man who can take it to him!"
  2. Tony Schiavone: "Scott Hall is looking a little better this week."
    Bobby Heenan: "It's only Monday."
  3. ITT: Loads of Cole quotes. Guaranteed.
  4. The Rock: Ching ching chong stone cold chong ching ching
    Lawler: I didn't know The Rock was so fluent in chinese. :dawg:

    Lawler: I used to be president of the Goldberg fanclub but I resigned out of loneliness. :dawg:
  5. JR: That's.. That's concrete goddammit!
  6. Cole: Chimel stand up!

    Matthews: He's trying!

    *Aksana leaves Goldust at wedding*

    Cole: I guess Goldust is gonna have to back on the Internet tonight!

    *Emotional scene going on*

    Cole: Is that BIg Dick Johnson!?

    Booker T: Shrinkage!!

    Jerry Lawler: Orton just blasted Kane, right around the ring area
  7. Booker T: Shucky Ducky Quack Quack!
  8. JR seems to say the word anatomy quite often, which i find amusing.
  9. This one is gold. :lol1:

    I'll remember this thread when I hear some funny lines, I've heard a lot recently but not a single one is coming to my mind right now.
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