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    Ty Creed walks into the ring with something hidden behind his back, he enters the ring and grabs a mic.

    Your future intercontinental champion of the world has arrived!

    He reveals his personalised briefcase, it says ' Ty Creed, the real guy, the best guy.'

    So, what do you think? It's great isn't it, it sums me up quite well, doesn't it? On the topic of briefcases, this week I face that creepy religion guy, Ben Sing-A-Song. I've beaten his partner turned rival, the Weebmaster and I have every intention of doing the same to Ben Song.

    Ty strokes his briefcase.

    He may have one of these but he won it by luck, I won it by pure violence and a little help but that doesn't matter, what really matters is that I beat him and I beat him the Ty Creed way and I'll have every intention of beating Ben Song the Ty Creed way as well. See you Saturday, make sure you say your prayers little man.

    Ty raises his briefcase in the air as he leaves the ring.