"The future is coming" teaser

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crimson, Apr 6, 2015.

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  1. Well, it's all about this picture below. The WWEShop on Instagram posted that photo, but why?

    As you can see the "S and R" are a part of Seth Rollins' logo, so it's pretty much predictable that this teaser is about him. But why on WWEShop? I don't think they posted that picture just for a new t-shirt or something like that. Maybe he will change his entire attire tonight on RAW. What do you guys think?

  2. Is this 6th of April or 4th of June? Confused :rock:
  3. 6th of April
  4. Has to be a trailer for a new line of merch. (Hope it's not annoying as the Network Advert.)
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  5. But he's champion, isn't the future now? :hmm:
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  6. Classic WWE blunder
  7. They posted the picture just for a t shirt, I'm sure.
  8. He's due for a new theme.
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  9. :why:
  10. Good point, his theme is far too generic imo for him.
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  11. Oh God how much I would like you to be right here. His song isn't that good.
  12. What, you folks don't like that 'boy band goes metal' theme song? :booker2:
  13. Good? It's utter BS.
  14. Another nude shot I bet to let us all down again.
  15. I really hope its the theme song stuff, please let it be the theme song stuff.
  16. :please:
  17. Just got this through my email - Link
  18. Sooo... No new theme song after all? :rollins2:
  19. Let's just hope that's not all. If they won't change his theme, at least change that fucking vest.
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  20. The future of merchandise! Buy in!

    TBH, his lame generic one is growing on me now.
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