The future of Luke Harper

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jun 9, 2014.

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  1. So we all know who Harper is, the bearded manly man of the Wyatt Family. The dude has proven himself a competent talker, not as good as Bray but good enough to get around. He's a real good brawler and a passable technician and flyer as well, which isn't that common for a man his size. But where do you see Luke once the Family is over? Because it won't go on forever.

    Use this thread to talk about the first son of the Wyatt family's future.
  2. Harper splitting from the Wyatt Family will probably happen this year. Harper's moveset is pretty babyface-ish but he'd obviously have to change his look. It allows him to call someone up from NXT to partner Rowan too, like Sami Callihan. Can't see Harper being more than an upper-midcard guy at best.
  3. upper-midcard heel, or overly over heel (Real American-like) and probably US champ, but unless they split the big belts I don't see him ever being that guy.
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  4. So because he does a lame suicide dive he is a "passable flyer" ?

    Does he do other shit that I've missed?
  5. Upper mid card most likely with the occasional ME event like MITB etc...

    On a side note it will be interesting when The Wyatts do split as it'll be fun to see how they tweak the characters to be solo stars.
  6. Dude pulls off hurricanranas and other stuff. Dude's trained in a cruiser/lucha dojo
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  7. He'll probably shave the beard off, feud with Bray for a bit then fade into Ziggler-esque mid card obscurity.
  8. so sad that in today's WWE you either become WWE champ, feud with Cena, or never amount to anything.

    And since Harper already sort of feuded with Cena.... all downhill from here.
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  9. I see him in the World Title picture.
  10. He's such an awesome worker. One of my new favorites really. Hopefully he will get his day in the spotlight eventually. And I'll be waiting - I know that.
  11. you sound like me talking about Ziggler 4 years ago
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  12. that gif for your sig is just awesome.
  13. Although I didn't know you 4 years ago, I completely had the thought of "Harper is to me as Ziggler is to D'Z" lol. And I'm not ashamed of that fact. I enjoy watching his matches quite a bit.

    BTW, you see Ziggler job to Rollins the other night on Smackdown? Poor guy :emoji_cry:
  14. He'll definitely shave the beard and instigate a rivalry with Bray at some point, but after that, who knows. He could become a main event player, or he could end up languishing as a big man in the midcard for the rest of his career. It all largely depends on what his persona is like when he's no longer a brainwashed "brother" of Bray Wyatt. I've never seen any footage of him without a large beard or seen any of what his personality is like outside of the Family, so it's hard to make any guesses. Having good ring work even for a guy of his size isn't enough to take you to the top, though.
  15. gotta love Mark Hunt
  16. Indeed. One can hope though.

    I kind of see him ending up in a Kane-like position probably. Maybe get the belt once or twice (depending on his persona of course), but in the company for a long time as a big bruiser type guy.

    I've been a fan of his since his NXT days so even just seeing how far he has come already is great.
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  17. You should watch his Indy stuff as Brodie Lee.
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  18. Was just looking at some pics actually. He looks much more bad ass with the beard. I hope he keeps it.
  19. Yeah, right? Don't get why people think he'll shave.
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