Ring of Honor The future of Ring of Honor?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. Ring of Honor isn't what it used to be, some would even say it is a shell of its former self. With Cornette (who many credit with destroying the old ROH) gone but still lacking top talent to push the company forward (apart from Steen) the future for the company could be described as at a crossroads. Will the company be able to regain its credibility, create new stars and catch lightning in a bottle again? Or will it keep being at its current level or has the glory days gone by the current third biggest promotion in the Americas? And if ROH's decline is starting, do you see another American promotion stepping up and taking its place?

  2. It's hard to say. What are the odds of another group of young talent like DB/Punk/Joe/Aries/McGunniess all coming around at the same time? It's not impossible, but highly unlikely. Also, with TNA really stepping it up in the last year, they're going to scoop up young talent moving forward. WWE now has NXT which gives guys much more exposure than OVW ever did., meaning young talent has a lot more options now then they did when the aforementioned talent came up. They need to dig deep and find some diamonds in the rough. At the end of the day RoH is a wrestling company more than a sports entertainment company. They need talent that has chops in the ring first and foremost. As of right now, as much as it saddens me to say, the future doesn't look too promising. Hopefully they can pick up the pieces, add some new ones, and return to the glory days.
  3. I could see Evolve - if given the right chance to grow - overtaking ROH. They have a talented roster in the form of Gargano, Low Ki, Taylor, Fox, Cannon, Callihan, Konley, Reed, Papadon, Neese, Young Bucks, Masada, Jigsaw (TNA fans know him as Rubix), Linse dorado, Samuray Del Sol etc plus with the working relationship they have with Dragon Gate thanks to DGUSA they can get top notch Japanese talent and the ability to send talent to Japan.

    If Evolve could start running monthly shows and draw bigger crowds they could possibly overtake ROH unless ROH steps up their game. All those changes Evolve are doing paint a bright future for that promotion.
  4. Corentte and Richards, IMO, single handendly sucked the life and energy out of ROH. Simple as that.

    This company was great once with the likes of Nigel, Bryan, Joe, Aries, Strong, Steen, Generico, all the other pioneers and even Morishima, but now I just can't back into it. It still has good workers like Steen, Cole, Rhino, Edwards, Strong, Elgin, Bennett, Fish and Briscoes, but it doesn't change my opinion much. Storys are underwhelming and boring. All of them need and deserve a better place to wrestle for, don't matter if it's TNA or WWE.

    I blame for Jim and Davey for ROH sucking, and fuck them. I still care for ROH, but needs drastic changes asap IMO.
  5. Agreed. Richards is a major d-bag. Major case of Hubris. He should go to Japan full time because Japanese promoters don't take bullshit from anyone.
  6. Speaking of Davey Richards, apparently New Japan has stopped doing business with him. HAH!
  7. Grizzley Redwood is a real treat to watch. I love how he makes everyone look amazing. Probably because he weighs 150 pounds but he impressed me on the 2/2/13 show.

    Anyways, I stopped watching after the Cornette debacle but have caught up the past week cultivating in around 6 shows and one PPV. The stories suck, but it has somethihng that TNA and WWE doesn't. I can't put a finger on why I enjoy it, but i'm assuming it's the in ring stuff. Some of the moves are refreshing to see. The powerbomb into the turnbuckle, and various reversals. I've always prefered ROH to any other program, but when Danielson signed with the WWE i've followed him. I really hate what they are doing to my dude, so i'm going to revert back to ROH, and follow Daniel Bryan/Cesaro/Punk/Aries.(notice all of my favorite wrestlers came from ROH) I still have faith that this company can put the type of talent out that it did not so long ago. I'm optimistic, but no one stands out to me yet. Not even Steen, and actually i'm not overly impressed with the guy. Anyways, this is just a rant at 6 a.m. after watching a few sodes, and i've had little sleep. so take this post with a grain of salt. Either way, i'll be watching for the foreseeable future and maybe purchasing ppvs over WWE, and I sure won't be wasting another dollar on TNA until they get rid of Hogan. I can't even believe I gave them a chance, and then they filled my television up with hogan and his doofus daughter.

    EDIT - I still will be watching WWE of course, but ROH will be top priority for now on, on these forums.
  8. That's because Richards is a dick, and is bad for the business. My opinion.
  9. I share your opinion completely. Richards is a dick.
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