The Future of Tag Teams in WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Wacokid27, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. I know the current state of tag teams in the WWE has been much decried in this forum (and quite rightly so).

    Then I caught up on watching NXT. If you haven't, I highly recommending finding out how to watch a few of these episodes, as the show quality, booking, and character development of these young wrestlers is uniformly excellent.

    This brings me to the point of the thread. With the Usos, the Colons, and the PTP, and adding in NXT-exclusive (so far) tag teams like the Ascension, could these "young lions", as JR would call them, herald a resurrection of the WWE Tag Team Division?

  2. Of course, just give it time for this stuff to be repaired. And since Hunter wants the Tag Team Division to be better it'll be up in no time.
  3. Kidd and Gabriel
  4. I had forgotten about them. They're amazing together.

  5. When i think about old tag teams I think Tables ladders chairs and cage matches... only if they went back to these kind of matches would i consider the tag team division to be resurrected :notsutre: but thats just me


    fail smiley >.>
  6. IMO, it's not like they don't have the talent as you said in the OP. Even the random pairing of Mcgillicutty and Johnny Curtis seem to have instant chemistry, and I guess Hunico and Camacho are doing good things together too.

    Doubt many people are taking the current champs seriously, and the division is occasionally featured on Raw. If they fix the "tag-team match script", hopefully Hunter will have this division up and running.
  7. Indeed, there are lots of talented teams around that could very well carry the division, but if they change the script as Rain said and start using them correctly, it'd be nice to watch the division.
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