The future of the Funkadactyls?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Victoria Justice, Jun 30, 2014.

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  1. So, Whats going to happen with these two?. Seems to me there breaking up especially so with the MITB reaction that cameron had when Naomi lost. Whats the plan for them because Cameron cant wrestle IMO Naomi is the talented one.
  2. pity reply lel

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  3. I would be so happy if they were to break up.

    Naomi has been pulling the weight for both of them for the entire time they've been together, It isn't fair to let such a rare talent like Naomi go downhill due to some cheap bimbo who's only highlight in WWE is stating that her favorite match of all time is "Melina And Alicia Fox."
  4. A split-up is definitely on the horizon. And I'd expect to see them both in a championship match together at either Battleground or Summerslam. Either a triple threat between them and AJ for the title, or a four-way between all three of them and Paige (at Summerslam, since they won't book two fatal four-ways on the same card.) I know it isn't necessary to give both Funkadactyls a title shot in the same match, but somehow I see them interjecting their feud into the title picture somehow. Seeing the champion become stuck in between the both of them during a title defense is a feasible idea that I could see them running with.

    As for what they do after both fail to capture the Diva's Championship (since it will almost certainly end up back around Paige's waist by the end of Summerslam at the latest).... don't know, don't care.
  5. Didn't they split on Monday? They shoved each other and then Cameron walked away... seems to me that that was a break up... maybe?
  6. To be honest, there are only a handful of divas that I can tolerate watching for more than 5 minutes, off the top of my head, I can say that they are AJ, Paige, and Naomi. Cameron IMO is basically cow manure in terms of entertainment value.

    To be blunt, I believe that the FUNKADACTYLS have no future outside of 2 months from now. However, Naomi does. Gotta say though, the entire diva division is incredibly irrelevant these days.
  7. I heard that originally they were going to make Cameron the face of the two, and immediately I thought that this didn't work, so I'm glad they're going with Naomi as the face.

    Whenever they are around, I don't really care what Cameron is doing. It's not that I'm so cold, it's just that they've never given her anything to stand out, and I suppose she doesn't take initiative and make herself stand out.

    I really do hope they work with Naomi. Her dancing background has really helped and she's really good in the ring. And on a personal level - based on what I've seen of her in Total Divas (the way that she carries herself) - she really does seem lovely, and I'd like her to have a good run.
  8. I believe everyone, under contract, deserves a chance to sink or swim.
    Then again, if WWE cuts ties with one, i doubt it would hurt them any in the long run.
    However, the company has the makings of a talented division should they add a Regal/Finlay type agent to run as they see fit
  9. Cut Cameron, save money. Naomi should stay put, she's got some talent..
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