The future of the Jr Heavyweights

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 27, 2013.

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    Mike Quackenbush, for no apparent reason

    Good Jr Heavyweights are arguably the most entertaining wrestlers in the business from an in ring standpoint. Living in the borderlands between cruiserweights and heavyweights they bust out a mix of mat wrestling, striking and high flying that can be down right amazing if it is the right people doing it. Famous Jr's include Low Ki, Adrian Neville (formerly known as PAC) and the wrestler formerly known as El Generico. The Jr heavyweight scene is also one of those scenes were young guys get more of a chance to shine compared to the heavyweight/main event scenes. Who will be the big Jr heavyweights of today and who will be the future?

    In my opinion the current stars of the division are of course Prince Devitt, Alex Shelley and Low Ki. These guys are active Jr Heavyweights in NJPW (though Shelley is a tag guy right now) and they will help form the definition of Jr Heavyweights for now. Up and comers in the "division" is in my opinion guys like Rich Swann and Ricochet, talented high flyers with entertaining styles and charisma.

    Who do you think will be the future big names in Jr heavyweight wrestling?
  2. Junior division will never die. There's much more lightweight wrestlers that heavyweights in the business, and always has been.

    The next big names? Not sure about that. Maybe Rich Swann.

  3. DGUSA just posted this vid and I felt it was relevant. Look at all these up and coming Jr Heavyweights. Future does look bright.

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