The future of the TNA World Title?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by F.R.I.E, Jan 5, 2014.

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  1. I was thinking that, with Magnus being the champion, how could they let AJ leave the company without a match between the two? But, as we saw on the recent edition of iMPACT, AJ Styles crashed the coronation ceremony of Magnus. With that said, we can expect to see AJ Styles vs Magnus for the Undisputed TNA World Title. So, what do you all think this storyline will progress towards. Who do you think will be the undisputed TNA World Champion?
  2. I don't know to be honest after week Styles won't be back for Impact tapings so right now TNA is going to need to have to find new challengers for Magnus.I would say Jeff Hardy obviously being screwed, Gunner after that.
  3. I just think that it wouldn't make sense to drop the AJ storyline if he's going to crash Magnus' ceremony. They should have a match before he leaves officially.
  4. They are this coming Impact, title for title.AJ is in Indies right now going through PWG, ROH.
  5. Shouldn't it be a PPV match.
  6. Nope I think A.J contract ends by this taping, I would of tried to get a extra week on the contract for the match but nope.
  7. AJ will obviously put over Magnus next week I can only assume without having seen spoilers.

    Gunner is being built up pretty well as a challenger. I'm assuming Aries dropped the X Division belt so he can move back up the card as well.
  8. Next challenger for the World Title will probably be Samoa Joe.
  9. Gunner is being built up well. Having crashed the ceremony and caused the havoc he did, but I don't think he'll take the strap off of Magnus. I see them going for a couple of title matches, I say screw him out of the first then have him win the next win in a special stipulation like a cage match on his own to prove himself. Afterwards, there are plenty of possibilities. There are Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, Bobby Roode and much more. Personally, I would like to see Austin Aries go up against this new power. He played very well against Bobby Roode a couple of years ago, plus it'll push him away from the X Division. Not that the X Division is a bad place, but personally I want to see him in the main event scene.

    Samoa Joe could also be one I would mark for. Have him choke out Ethan and Rockstar Spud a few times, which I will laugh. They also have a lot of history together, being tag team champions and even winning a tag team tournament a few years back in December 2011. I think they should save this feud though for a little bit longer, that way it'll add more suspense to it and more in the question of Magnus losing the belt.
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  10. Two great choices :obama:

    Aries absolutely has to have another world title run in 2014. He is too great not to.
  11. This is how I'd book the World Title in 2014:

    Magnus - until Slammiversary XII
    Austin Aries - wins @ Slammiversary
    Christopher Daniels - wins @ Destination X via 'Option C'
    Austin Aries - wins the title back 4 days later on LIVE edition of Impact in a stip match
    Bobby Roode - wins @ BFG by beating Aries in a Ironman match

    Aries and Roode are too good not have title reigns in 2014, IMO. Obviously, the Daniels short reign is a "thank you for everything you've done and being too damn awesome and sorry for screwing you over in January 2013". Bully Ray held it twice, so I'd hold until 2015 for his 3rd reign.
  12. For what it's worth, James Storm is challenging for the World Title on Jan. 29th house show in Dublin, Ireland.
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