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  1. *Ben Song is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone. He looks upset, He grabs a chair from a referee and sits down on it. He then looks up to address the crowd*
    Ben Song: Hey everyone. It's me Song. now, as you can all see, I'm upset. The reason for this is how badly I was beaten at Warrior's Way. If you watched the show you probably know what happened, but let's take a look back and analyse some. I dunno, stuff.
    *Highlights from Ben Song v The Webmaster with special enforcer Reaper appear on the titantron. First of Reaper and The Webmaster both hitting their finishers on Ben before picking him up and putting him through a flaming table outside the ring, The next clip is of Reaper and The Webmaster both hitting a Con-chair-to on Ben Song as he attempts to get up, The third and final clip is of Ben Song's failed attempt to fight back into the match with him destroying The Webmaster using a chair, Reaper then appears behind him and grabs the chair while The Webmaster low blows Ben Song*
    Ben Song: Now did you all notice something about those clips or what *Ben sounds cheerier than before* One or two things constant in those videos was that A. The referee was down. and B. Both Reaper and The Webmaster were assaulting me. No to me this needs some action taken to make things fair again. So what I'm proposing is that at Summerslam It's gonna be a mystery partner and myself against Reaper and The Webmaster. What do you have to say now Webby?
    *Ben Song begins to laugh before quickly quietening down again. Almost as if he remembered something*
    Ben Song: I almost forgot about Des, well to keep it short and get out of your hair I'll just say this. May the best man win.
    *Ben's theme hits as he gets up and walks backstage, fist bumping a couple of fans on his way*