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Discussion in 'Royal Wrestling Kingdom' started by The Reagmaster, Sep 8, 2017.

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    Ladies and Gentleman this is your discussion thread for one fall! (One Fall!)

    This is where thee discuss Storylines, maketh predictions, accuse the creative team of bias, start fights, asketh for extensions and stuff like that. Of course, if you wanna pay tribute to the old RWK General Discussion thread. It’s right here.

    OOC - RWK General Discussion

    *Insert more posh talk here to make this fancy*
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  2. Blizzard is first! WOOO!!!
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  3. .....I mean, technically I was first.
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  4. I was the first RWK member to post that doesn't count the VERY FIRST THING which was yours! I was the first non creative member or staff to message
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  5. Al Blizzard @DemonHunter1257
    Aleks Grayson @Finniis
    Alex Valander @Omega Maniax
    Azrael @El Curry
    Brad Adams @BradAdams
    Chase Mills @DiggleGick
    Christopher Jordan @Electro
    Chris Young @impactking
    El Pecador @Geek773
    Frankie Highwood @Gino
    Joseph Diamond @CiV
    JUDAS @Botchie
    Kameron Kalmar @Psycho Rangers
    Michael Kelly @M Kells
    Nick @Nickelodeon
    Red King @Grievous
    Ryan Vendetta @Beavs
    Ryder Parks @TheShadowSoulja
    Slate Bass @Project Jonny
    Spawn @SIN
    Tyler Keenan @Zap Kenobi
    Vítor Mata @CBK_15
    Will Neilson @Sanic
  6. Lot's of people changed their names btw
  7. That was mean
  8. Congrats, you want a medal, kid?
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  9. Yeah! And I am not a kid...
  10. In RWK character terms I kind of am but otherwise no...
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. What you tryin to say?
  13. Who's the most hated guy in the RWK locker room?
  14. Geek. Because it's Geek.

    Also nice to see that people are already listening to the first post...
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  15. It's Closed.
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  16. Anyways, after all the other threads were... "closed" we remade them all, here are the other ones.

    OOC - RWK Roster

    OOC - RWK Championship History

    OOC - RWK Show Information and History

    OOC - The Code Of Chivalry (Rules and Regulations)

    Kayfabe - RWK Newswire II

    Also for the Newswire, I am addding twitter accounts to the original post, I know I have a lot of you, but I also want to start some studying for class. If you want yours on the list, send me a link to it and I will add it when I can. Other than that, I'm going to lock the threads other than the Newswire, and remember, we have this: OOC - Path To Destiny Announcement + Another Thing or Two coming up after Last Rites, so if you want in, tell us as soon as possible.
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  17. If we are talking bout characters then @Geek773 because of Deacon XD
  18. I could least list three off the top of my head, but that's none of my business.

  19. I've heard a rumor that Aleks is actually a sweetheart when out of character. But I can't say for certain since I've never gotten to meet him personally
  20. What a disappointing meme that is.

    Lipton is some disgusting, awful tea.
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