The GFX Request Thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CiV, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Here, you can request signatures, avatars, hell, even Posters or Desktop Backgrounds! Some of my past work includes:
    If I do make you something, please give me credit, other than that, do whatever with it!​
    Sincerely, The One and Only​

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  2. Hai CiV,make me a Ambrose avatar that'll work with this site,I'll pay you in MP money since I'm broke as hell here.
  3. It's a request thread, everything's free!
  4. Hey CiV, Can you make me an Edge avatar? You can put my name on it if you want to.
  5. Oh yeah lol<3 Do you plan on opening your GFX shop here?
  6. After a bit, I didn't want to walk in and ask for money, I want to earn there respect first!
  7. lmfao, I just saw that me and you have the same Pikachu thing in our signature.
  8. The edge sign is amazing. Might ask you for one soon
  9. Lol We both stole it from Puls3 xD
  10. Show Spoiler
    love you @"Lady Deathbane"
  11. Sounds good,I'll definitely be buying from there when it opens.
  12. Ambrose Avatar.jpg
    How's that?
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  13. Love it,Moxley is god,you're the best CiV!<3
  14. I know <3
  15. It says it's too large:/
  16. CiV I want a Coast 2 Coast Wrestling Logo Please.
  17. [​IMG]How about now?
  18. I don't do logos, sorry.
  19. Perfect,thanks again man
  20. Like a word logo? I make those,I can make you one.
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