The gimmick factory - Building a WWE gimmick and adapting it

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    This stems from a discussion between my partner in crime seabs and Mr. CM Punk in the Wolf section. We all know what a gimmick is (I hope). But just because a gimmick works in one company it doesn't mean that it will in another. So we came up with this sort of challenge/discussion.

    Basically. Create or build a gimmick that you think would work in the WWE. Describe traits and such for it, if it would work as a heel or face gimmick differently and how it would be played up. Basically how it would work and the mind behind it. Then you apply it to various promotions.

    Each promotions requires it to operate in a certain way so you can tweak the gimmick depending on where you would "work it". Then we can discuss why it would have to be tweaked in such a fashion.

    seabs describes the differences between the promotions:
    So in short:
    Gimmick: Describe your gimmick here.
    Enjoy and hopefully this will create some nice discussion on the differences between gimmicks in companies.
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