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  1. This is an OOC thread. If you have any questions about the rules or the league in general then ask away in this thread. If you have suggestions for anything you think should be added or changed then also ask below. Before asking a question look over the other posts in this thread first as your question could have already been answered.

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  2. I'd be willing to make a logo or something for you guys, if needed.
  3. Thanks man, i'll let you know if something comes up that I need. Also, feel free to sign up if you like. I was hoping to see some guys involved in the leagues that weren't all from TWF.
  4. Does the league need custom championships?
  5. Don't have 2K16 nor XBL. Sorry.
  6. I don't think so, you can't really use them anyway. Plus it's easier to use renders of the real championships in the threads.
  7. Okay man
  8. Why are pin combo and dirty pin banned?
  9. They make the pin bars smaller.
  10. Only allow the level 1 versions then.
  11. Still lowers the pin bar. Not worth having just for some extra pin animations.
  12. Doesn't really do much to the pin bar, people still kick out like Undertaker at Wrestlemania.
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  13. When is the league starting back up again?
  14. November.
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