The Good - The Bad - & The UGLY!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. This will probably turn into another thread of playfully busting each others balls. Not literally of course! :pity:[size=xx-small]I has none. [/size]

    List the follow things about the user above you.

    The Good: Something good about the user.
    The Bad: Something bad about the user.
    The Ugly: Something that is UGGGGGLLLAAAYY, about the user.
    (Ugly can mean physical or something they do that is ugly.)

    Has fun! :finger::obama::otunga:
  2. The Good: None
    The Bad: Everything
    The Ugly: You tell me. :pity:
  3. The Good: He's gay. :pity:
    The Bad: He's a male prostitute.
    The Ugly: He LOVES feet!
  4. good: takes my freestyle whoopings like a champ
    bad: can't rap
    ugly: can't rap for shit

    :pipebomb: :dawg:

    that was to punk
  5. Thanks:pity1:
  6. :finger: and that gay unicorn you rode in on!
  7. Relax and no.
  8. That don't even make sense. Are you retarded or just dumb as dirt?
  9. Stop ruining your own thread. :pity1:
  10. The Good: He's neutered.
    The Bad: He don't wear a leash.
    The Ugly: He eats his own crap.
  11. The Good: WHAT?
    The Bad: WHAT?
    The Ugly: WHAT?
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