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  1. * The camera starts rolling and it's at what seems to be a big house party, after a couple of seconds of the camera looking at the famous party guests the cameraman spots Trodaí and confronts him *

    CM : *screaming over the loud music* MR TRODAÍ, MAY I HAVE A MOMENT?

    Trodaí : OK!

    * He drags him into an empty room *

    Trodaí : So, ye come here often? *winks*

    CM : Mr. Trodaí, I'm an interviewer, I came t ask you about your debut..

    Trodaí : I know tutsi pop joe, I just like messing with people and as for my debut, it went better than I thought

    CM : But you lost, does tha...

    Trodaí : I might have lost but at the end of the day, I went out there and kicked his ass and had fun doing it, besides his stanky breath made me fall into his Super kick, that's how he won anyway

    CM : His "stanky breath" is your excuse for him winning?!

    Trodaí : That ain't no excuse EmEight, that's the truth, his breath was like a Tony Soccerboy promo, just terrible, like what the heck dude? he must brush his teeth about every 12 years, smelled like that bird I was with last week, lets just say that shit was nasty

    CM : Sir, please, I don't need to know this stuff

    Trodaí : Hey cream cheese, can't handle the heat get out of my garden

    CM : What?

    Trodaí : Shut up Doug! nobody likes you anyway ya big.... bollox ye

    * He walks towards the door gives the cameraman the middle finger and then walks back out to the party *:

    Trodaí : Who ordered the Trodaí sandwich?

    * The camera fades to black *