The great console debate

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Xbox 360

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  2. Playstation 3

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  3. Wii

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  1. Which do you prefer and why?
  2. Nintendo 64>ALL

    I choose Xbox 360. I think the PS3 is alright, but Xbox has better online, and better games to me. Kinect seems cool too, I don't use it though since I don't really catch any of the games for it interesting though.
  3. Same. I always use the argument that even though you pay for XBL, in the end it really is better :jericho:
  4. :hmm: How long was PSN down and how long was Xbox Live down?
  5. I chose Xbox 360, because XBL destroys all.
  6. I chose PS3 because ..... It is what I own, and I like it. .....So there.

    These game console threads are reminding me I should start actually playing again.
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  8. Xbox. Better GUI, better community, more people to play.
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  9. Can I get a hell yeah! :win:
  10. Chose XB but nothing compares to the great N64, such an amazing console.
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  11. Correction : More people to win against. :jericho:
  12. :maybe: :obama:
  13. XBox 360. Sure you pay for live, but they can take that money and upgrade it and make cool changes and add features. PS3 has free online, but have to pay their own money any time they need to change anything. Plus as mentioned, when is XBox Live ever down?

    Plus, I like the exclusive games XBox has or had (Mass Effect was for the longest time) better than PS3.
  14. Agree, but PS3 get their own exclusive games, Uncharted comes to mind, great game imo.
  15. PS3! :emoji_slight_smile:)

    It's because I own it, and I'm not that interested with online console gaming.
  16. I know PS3 has some solid games, but none (in my opinion at least) that touch Gears of War and especially Halo.
  17. 360 wins if we bring hardware into the argument.
    Personally I prefer the Xbox, all faith in Sony was lost after their abysmal display of customer care and reaction to the hackings.
    Though I did love the PS1 and PS2, mainly for my beloved Metal Gear Solid.
  18. I read somewhere that as late as one month ago there were still countries who didn't have PSN back yet after the hack.
  19. I own a PS3 but I have no problem whatsoever with 360. I'd take either one, not really sure about the differences between them except for paid/free online, exclusives and other simple stuff.
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