The Great MITB Debate! Where do you stand?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Fair Fight Wrestling, Jun 26, 2017.

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  2. I was happy for Carmella to win...just not in the way she did. guess would be that the men on roster felt threatened
    by the women's ladder match and due to this the creative team
    put the match on first, shortened the match and booked the ending
    the way they did.

    It almost felt like it was done to get people to watch SmackDown
    and frankly...that is a bullshit reason.

    I mean...we are getting a rematch and thankfully Ellsworth has been
    banned from ringside for it...but I would have rather seen the match
    play out properly on the Money In The Bank Pay Per View and had
    Carmella win it on her own.

    I am excited about the rematch on SmackDown...but the overall fun
    and excitement of the match has been tainted for me.

    The recent RAW women's gauntlet match was given around 25 minutes...
    so I'm hoping the MitB Ladder Rematch get 30 or more.

    I'm also curious to see how the Naomi/Lana rematch goes...and who
    knows...anything could really happen on the night.

    I just hope the division can finally move on and develop some serious
    feuds once this ladder match is over...and I truly hope they break up
    the 3 woman faction (I refuse to use their given WWE name) and
    Carmella hopefully ditches Ellsworth.
  3. I feel like in the moment I didn't mind the ending, it was unexpected. And unexpected is good in wwe.

    But I mean, he first ever women's MITB and they resort to a male getting the briefcase. Not just any male, the chinless wonder, James Ellsworth.

    They've really tarnished his character since the whole dean/aj feud leading into TLC. Worst thing they did for him, AND Carmella, was to stick them together. I really liked his shtick before, when he was the loser jobber that everyone liked (OK, not everyone... but a good chunk) but nowadays he's just a nuisance.

    Anyway I hope they find something for the little guy to do again soon. Secretly move him to Mondays and interfere with stroman again? I don't know lol.
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