The Great Muta announced for June 25th NYC taping

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  1. The Great Muta is one of the brightest international stars the professional wrestling world has ever known. Throughout his career, he’s held wrestling gold 19 times and has won awards and praise across the globe. Not only that, but The Great Muta has consistently worked to shine a light on new talent from his native Japan – most recently sending his protégé Sanada to TNA, who quickly captured the X-Division Championship. The Great Muta is also responsible for some of the most exciting Japanese wrestling under his own Wrestle-1 banner!

    TNA Wrestling is extremely honored and excited to announce that The Great Muta will be returning to TNA this summer and is set to take part in our first IMPACT in New York City, on June 25 at the Manhattan Center. Additional details will be revealed shortly.

    Muta was last seen at TNA Lockdown in Miami, where he teamed with his Wrestle-1 proteges, Sanda and Yasu. To celebrate the return of The Great Muta to TNA, that match from Lockdown is now available below in its entirety.

    More surprises will be revealed soon!


    Wooooooooo, awesome! Muta did good job at Lockdown, and this appearance on 25th will probably be some kind of set up/hype for his July 6th match against Sanada at W-1 event.
  2. Sure, sounds like fun. Muta is pretty good.
  3. Didn't Dixie try to hype up a big new summer signing that would rock Impact this summer? Muta might be it - and I can't wait, I bet he'll fight Sanada for the X-Division title or team with him. I can see Kenny King going for the X-Division title soon, maybe the Money, Power and Respect stable will go after him, causing Muta to back up his fellow countryman.
  4. TNA vs. WRESTLE-1 match from earlier this month in Tokyo

    Great Muta & Tajiri vs. Kazarian & Abyss

  5. Really excited for The Great Muta to return to TNA! His 6 man tag match at Lockdown was my favourite contest of that PPV so it will be interesting to see what they do with him.
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