News The Great Sanada Gone From TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 18, 2015.

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  2. Enjoyed his time with TNA, they utilized him pretty well for the most part.. wish more would've been done with him as a part of The Revolution but hey his X-Division run was solid.
  3. Eh, had an OK X title run but did nothing afterwards. Won't really miss him.
  4. Kinda sucks, he was a decent guy to have around and I don't think TNA did too badly with him, considering the year they just had. However, I think his X-Division run was promising at first but suffered from TNA not really giving the X-Division too much attention and by the time he finished up with The Revolution, he hadn't done anything after being champion. I think they could've used him more than a guy like Abyss in the group, but then again all of The Revolution could do with some better booking.

    Hopefully he returns occasionally (and maybe cuts an English promo or two, that would be nice to see) for some X-Division matches, as far as X-Division guys who could be World Champions go, Sanada's great in the ring and is quite a nice size like Aries, so he could look quite credible - now I just wonder if Bram will join The Revolution, hopefully kicking out Abyss. Storm, Bram, Manik and Khoya would be good but if they left Khoya out to train and kept Sanada, it would be so much better.
  5. Very good run while the X-Division champ, but since turning on Muta and joining Storm and turning "Great", he became useless. It's good thing for both TNA and Sanada himself he's gone, imho.
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