The Great Sanada!? Will a New Side of Sanada Debut Tomorrow Night on IMPACT?

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Aug 26, 2014.

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    In recent weeks, we’ve seen quite the transformation of Sanada. First, the X-Division standout lost his championship to Austin Aries and that’s where the trouble seemingly began. Enter James Storm. The Cowboy has been promising a “Redneck Revolution” for weeks on social media and we’ve witnessed some very strange interactions between Storm and Sanada that culminated in Sanada betraying the his mentor, The Great Muta, and pledging his allegiance to James Storm.

    Now, during last week’s IMPACT, a teaser ran promoting “The Great Sanada’s” debut for this Wednesday’s edition of IMPACT. Could this be Storm’s work? It certainly seems so…

    But what is James Storm’s goal here!? The footage we’ve seen is incredibly disturbing and almost seems as if Sanada has been brainwashed by his new mentor. Will Storm stop with just Sanada or will the Redneck Revolution continue to grow? One thing is for sure, these recent developments are certainly intriguing.

    This Wednesday, we will see the debut of James Storm’s creation… The Great Sanada. How will this turn out for Austin Aries? Seeing as Aries is the man, aside from Storm, who could be seen as most responsible for Sanada’s transformation, will he face the wrath from a new evil being unleashed in TNA?

    Find out tomorrow night as IMPACT takes Spike TV at 9/8c!


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