The greatest examples of tag team wrestling in WWE/WWF.

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  1. The WWE has neglected their tag team division for the past few years, however that wasn't always the case. There have been a phenomenal amount of WWE tag teams who have put on great matches. A few examples of my favorites :

    Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boys - Wrestlemania 2000

    The triangle ladder match which later become the Tables, Ladder and Chairs stipulation. This match had some of the most brutal spots I've ever seen including Jeff's swanton onto the floor, Matt's table bump at the end and Bubba powerbombing Matt from the announce table through a wooden table. Over all a legendary match.

    Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit vs The Two Man Power Trip.

    This match had everything. Great wrestling from four excellent workers, drama, excellent commentary and a hot crowd. What more could you want? Benoit sold the beating he received from the heels excellently. Plus Trips deserve immense credit for letting Jericho put him in the walls with a torn quad.

    Eddie and Rey vs The Bashams

    Eddie and Rey two of the greatest in ring technicians of all time. This was a really well paced match which had some classic Eddie lying, cheating and stealing with the title belts along with some comedic moments when he missed the frog splash and played possum. The two had great chemistry and Rey's selling tells a great story. The Basham's were bad but Eddie and Rey were that good. Specifically Rey.

    Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle vs Los Guerreros

    I'm not sure if I even have to mention why this match is amazing just look at the participants.

    The Rockers vs The Orient Express :

    Not many people know much about Shawn's tag team career. Just watch this match you see signs of the showstopper both from Shawn and Marty. Just two phenomenal athletes. A really enjoyable old school match from all competitors. The slingshot into the sunset flip is a great ending imo.

    Feel free to add yours.
  2. "The Basham's were bad but Eddie and Rey were that good."
    Should be Bashams's weren't bad.

    One of my favorite tag team matches were with the brothers of destruction, Undertaker and Kane.

    It was WWF, but still one of the greatest of all time!
    Tag Team Match for Tag Team Championships, Intercontinental Championship and WWF Championship
  3. @[RKO] I actually meant what I put I found the Basham's to be horrible in ring competitors.
  4. Great thread, really brings home what the current tag-team division is like. A lot of the time I used to prefer watching tag-team matches than any other match, whether there was a great main-event or not. It makes stars, I don't understand why WWE refuse to do something that's easily done... revitalize the division.
  5. Really? I thought they were decent in-ring to be honest... But Eddie and Rey were sooo much better.
  6. I don't know they just seemed to bland for me. They didn't really botch but I didn't remember them for anything.
  7. Of course they were better, for me they are up there with the best tag-teams of all time.
  8. They dominated any and all tag teams at one point, Kayfabe anyway..