Kayfabe The Greatest In History

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Ellis Sullivan

The Artiste
*Ty Creed enters the arena in his usual robe, he gives his royal arrogant wave as he enters the ring.*

Ty Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, standing before you is one member of the greatest stable in history, the Bullet Club!

*The crowd boo, they begin to chant 'Tyson Frost is a cu*t' *

Ty Creed: Ha Ha, you obviously all share a strong dislike towards my step brothers Tyson ( @SmudgyParasite ) and Jason ( @W0LFBAN3666 ) but you have to admit, we're a force to be reckoned and we will prove our dominance throughout Saturday Night Exodus.

*The crowd boo even louder than before, Ty lifts his arm to the booing spectators.*

Ty Creed: Anyway, this week I am facing Trodaí, who I beleive is a disgrace to the whole wrestling business, all he seems to talk about are his 'homies' which all sounds rather pathetic to myself. Let's put it straight, he's the 'man who has no respect and no sense at all' whereas I'm the 'gentleman that will demolish every man' and come Saturday I will demolish him! Don't you agree?

* The crowd begins to chant 'Lets go Trodaí' *

Ty Creed: Oh I'm sick of you immature bastards, all your doing is just kidding yourselves. I'll do my talking in the ring on Saturday.

*Creed drops the mic and exits the arena to the crowd still chanting ' Lets go Trodaí ' *
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