The Greatest Triple Threat Match In History

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  1. The video quality isn't the greatest and it starts to go out of sync at around the twelve minute mark, but I'm still posting this because it's one of my favorite matches of all time, and what I feel is undoubtedly the greatest triple threat match in WWE history (certainly the best match of 2002 overall, although Edge/Mysterio-Benoit/Eddie at No Mercy 2002 rivals it.) Many will say the Wrestlemania XX main event is better, but I've always favored this one. Much more fast paced and just an all-around non-stop match and slug fest. The match starts off fast and strong and hardly ever lets up. The crowd is super hot for it, too. Then again, crowds back then in general were much, much better and lively than most of the ones we have today.

    As a tiny bit of trivia, this was The Rock's final WWE Championship win until he defeated Punk at the Royal Rumble last year.
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  2. Nice spoiler jackass.

    Decent match.
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  3. If you think this match was only 'decent', which ones would you consider 'great'?

  4. Benoit vs H vs HBK at WM and Backlash both top this by a fair bit IMO. AJ vs Joe vs Daniels at Unbreakable also. Decent is a bit harsh but I wouldn't call this amazing either
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  5. I'd put Wrestlemania XX as a close second. Backlash would probably be somewhere in the top 5 as well (maybe at #3.) The Wrestlemania match carries more specialness for a lot of people imo largely because it was a Wrestlemania main event - which always makes a match feel more like a spectacle - and because Benoit's 18-year journey to become world champion finally reached its culmination, whereas the Vengeance triple threat didn't have as much of a build and Angle was only added into the match at the last moment. I know Benoit finally reaching the mountaintop evokes a lot of emotion that's part of the story (not to mention him and Eddie embracing each other afterwards), but still. That stuff doesn't mean quite as much to me when you're watching for just pure match quality years later.
  6. I'm with the people saying HHH/HBK/Benoit is the top Triple Threat Match, this one though in really good too.
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