The Greatest "Wrestler" Of All-Time

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolphbk, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Who in your opinion is the greatest technical wrestler of all-time is?

    I have 3 guys i suggest to break the ice!
    Bret Hart
    Kurt Angle
    Daniel Bryan
    Colt Cobana
    Owen Hart

    Thoughts ??

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  2. I say Kurt Angle
  3. I think some of the greatest technicians of all time are:
    Daniel Bryan
    Shawn Michaels
    Bret Hart
    Kurt Angle

    And many more. Those are just my top 4. I say Kurt Angle is the best out of them though.
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  4. If we're talking real wrestling then it has to be Angle, considering he won Olympic gold.

    If we're talking about who can craft the best pro wrestling match, then Bret Hart.
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  5. Great Khali
  6. Giant Haystacks
  7. Chris Benoit should be on the list somewhere, imo.
  8. Forgot Dean Malenko
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  10. Kenta Kobashi or Mitsuharu Misawa.
  11. Dan Severn.
  12. The greatest one is Sting for sure :troll:
  13. Cant make up my mind so heres a list: Dean Malenko, Bret Hart, Kenta, Fergal Devitt, Shawn Michaels, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, Not a mark answer but honestly CM Punk is on here, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries honestly its a long list with no winner due to difference in opinion and what people find entertaining.
  14. Imo, William Regal all day, every day.
  15. Forgot Regal and Benoit.
  16. :henry:
  17. I can take Mark Henry on :tough:
  19. Eddie Guerrero,Chris Benoit,and Mr.Perfect were some of the greatest wrestlers,along with the likes of Bret,Shawn,Malenko,Angle,and, Jericho.
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