Games The Grievous Pokemon Sun Play-By-Day Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Grievous II, Jul 10, 2017.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Well...while I recover from another surgical procedure on my foot (That makes
    3 in less than 12 months) I finally decided to pick up Pokemon Sun and I intend
    to start playing it soon enough.

    There seems to be a few Pokemon fans on this I thought I'd start a
    thread to share my progress, opinions and overall impressions of the game as
    I play my way through it.

    I know the game starts off fairly slow...but like all Pokemon Games it eventually
    settles into a nice steady pace.

    I also have a solid idea of who I want on my team...and I'm not going to be using
    any Pokemon I used playing Fire Red, Black, X or Omega Ruby.

    Now my first decision is to pick a starter...and I really have no idea who I should
    go with.


    I guess I'll let you know in my first update.
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  2. It is a great story, have fun playing it!

    You already know who I picked... :kitler: :dawg:
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  3. I had no doubt you were team Litten...but...I'm not a big fan of its final form...

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  4. Not many people are... I named mine Brock Lespurr for a reason :cat:
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  5. Also had an Arcanine named Seth Growlins...
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  6. Nice...I've never had an Arcanine on any of my teams...
    but I will one day...I'm a big fan of canine Pokemon.
  7. I was Team Popplio from the start (even used it as my avatar for a while) but I also used Rowlet in a Locke and it survived until the end, so both I used and enjoyed.
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  8. Well...I had my first session...

    ~ I picked (a male) Rowlet as my starter and named him "Carradine"
    which is a reference to the Great Owl in "The Secret of Nimh"

    The Secret of NIMH - Wikipedia

    If you haven't seen that film...I suggest you do...its fantastic.

    ~ I also caught a:
    Caterpie (Kalisto)
    Ledyba (Enzo)
    Pikipek (Eva Marie)
    Yungoos (Ellsworth)

    And as you can tell I'm going to be naming most of the Pokemon
    I catch after WWE performers...past and present. The names given
    will also give you the gender of said Pokemon.

    I've been told its important to catch as many Pokemon as you can
    in this game as it unlocks "stuff" later in the game.

    Everything seems fine so far...although I'd rather use the D-Pad than
    the Circle Pad to move around.

    Can you change that in the settings?

    ~ The Professor seems cool...and he has Rockruff...which I'm jealous
    of. I must have a Rockruff on my team. Speedy Stone Wolf FTW!

    Well...that's me done for now. Stay tuned for further updates as I
    traverse the Alola region and no doubt miss a tonne of stuff and
    struggle to find a female Salandit.
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  9. I also went with a litten even though I don't like Incenerator either. However, I have mine as a Torracat and I just continuously prevent her from evolving.
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  10. For Rockruff, it is in Ten Carret hill... I think. First Island, accessable after you get the Tauros ride.

    Also I got female salandit my first encounter. :win:
  11. So I've heard...I must have a Rockruff on my team...
    You lucky Ba...Beaver...yeah...that's what I was going to say...
  12. I've added a...
    Pichu (named Wayne Static)
    Slowpoke (named Killian Dane)
    & a
    Grimer (named Hedorah)
    to my current line up.

    I wasn't going to use Pokemon
    from previous games in my team...
    but Slowpoke/Slowbro is one of
    my all time he could
    fill the water-type spot.

    The Grimer is a temp. Pokemon
    as I do intend to have a female
    Salandit on my team eventually.

    I've caught every other Pokemon I
    could find and am currently at the
    trainers school in the first town.

    Everything appears to be under
    control...and everyone in the game
    seem friendly enough...

    In fact...they all seem a little too

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  13. Wait for Island two, then there is a bit of challenge. Water Trial may be a bit easy for you if you have Rowlet...but even then...the Totem Pokemon for it has really high stats for that stage in the game. Fire can give you problems unless you have one Pokemon for it, the grass one still gives me nightmares to this day....then the electric one is not overly hard, but isn't a cakewalk either, the ghost trial also gave me nightmares...LITERALLY, then the Dragon one...I had Moonblast :3

    But the game can be a bit challenging at parts.
  14. I can't wait to see what you have to say when you get to that one point in the story I am not going to say because I will ruin it, but those who played know. Talk about a run-on sentence. lol
  15. Okay...another update...

    ~ I beat the first trial...and it was pretty easy...but then my Pokemon may
    be over leveled for so early in the game.
    ~ My Rowlet has evolved into a Dartix and my Pichu evolved in a Pikachu...
    ~ I then defeated Kahuna Hala pretty easily...
    ~ The Tauros riding feature is having a HM slave...
    ~ I caught a male Rockruff and named him Atticus...
    ~ Now I just need that female Salandit and I'll be happy as...

    Okay...on to the second island!
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    ~ Olivia looks really nice in those pink hot pants...
    ~ Mallow reminds me of every cute hippy chick I've ever met.
    ~ Dexio gave me a Zygarde cube...which is fine...I'm not really worried.
    ~ I had an Eevee and I gave it some Rainbow PokeBeans and then it evolved into
    an Umbreon after a random night battle. Shame it won't be on my team of 6.
    ~ The riding Pokemon feature is more HM slave...
    ~ Water Trail Captain Lana seems really keen on scoring with a male go girl!
    ~ Her trial was pretty easy...My Dartix knows Razor Leaf...but the Wishiwashi "schooling"
    ability is amazing. I'm hoping in the future they design an insect pokemon with a "Swarm"
    ability and they call it "Legion"
    ~ I found a female Salandit on my 4th encounter and its now a member of my team...Yay!
    ~ The Fire trial was pretty funny...the Salazzle "photo-bombing" cracked me up.
    ~ The trial was easy as I have a Slowpoke...and he's awesome...
    ~ I found the final member of my team on Route 8...A Stufful...
    ~ The Forest trial was pretty simple...find some ingredients...mix them up...creepy plant
    pokemon appears and I soil Salandit burns it to ash! Done!
    ~ I started using Poke Pelago...pretty cute idea. Find me some treasure Pokemon!

    My Final Team of 6 is...
    ~ Dartix (eventually a Decidueye)
    ~ Pikachi (eventually an Alolan Raichu)
    ~ Slowpoke (eventually a Slowbro)
    ~ Lycanroc
    ~ (Female) Salandit (eventually a Salazzle)
    ~ Stufful (eventually a Bewear)

    I'm really enjoying the game and there is less fishing/diving...which I really appreciate.
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  17. This thread reminds me that I've still yet to really play Pokemon Moon at all.

    I was so excited for it when it came out since I got really back into Pokemon when I signed up for this forum since there's a pretty decent fanbase. Got myself a 3DS, played Alpha Sapphire since that was my favorite childhood Pokemon game, I got Moon... and then I barely touched it. Not sure what it was, but I kinda lacked the motivation to play it for whatever reason. Part of me blames the fact that I was playing some stuff on PS4 at the time, but I dunno. I really should pick up Moon again and finally give it a playthrough. I did not get very far at all.

    Maybe your thread will give me the inspiration I need to do so.
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  18. I hope it does...

    Inspiring anyone to have fun is always a positive...

    I actually avoided picking up Pokemon Sun right away.
    I wasn't really in the mood to play the I'd
    recently played through X and Omega Ruby in the space
    of 3 I needed a break from the franchise.

    Its been really fun so far and I've been really lucky to find
    the Pokemon I wanted without any trouble.

    I only had 3 on my "Must Have" list and I now have all 3
    of them in my team...and none of them took more than 3
    or 4 encounters to get the gender I wanted.

    I'm really enjoying it...and its great to have some people to
    share my experience with.
  19. I still remember my playthrough team...

    Bubbles... V-Strike... Ivy Hale... BROTHER NERO... Empress... Danger...

    They grow up so fast :please:
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  20. So...

    ~ All my Pokemon are fully evolved and are all at around level 47/48.
    ~ I'm enjoying riding around on the Stoutland, sniffing out hidden items.
    ~ The Ghost-type trial was strange...Dark-type attacks crushed them all.
    ~ I've changed my characters appearance...its a cool feature.
    ~ I've found my Pokemon Waifu...


    She is so wasted on Team the character design.

    Really enjoying the game so far...