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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Oct 5, 2018.

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    (Question: Why are Wyatt, Carmella, Nakamura, Bliss, Orton,
    Balor, Banks, Roode & Jax on this banner/poster? Last time I
    checked none of them are booked for match.

    And where the fuck is Becky Lynch? Seriously poster...fuck you!

    Speaking of which...its amazing how little the WWE cares
    about Nakamura at this point. He has the U.S title & he still
    can't get on a pay per view...not even this "second rate" jazzy
    house show one)


    I think the title of this thread speaks for itself...so let me get this started...

    1). Brie Bella...Botching...Again:

    So...Brie has been on a shockingly bad roll with the botches as of late...
    and hopefully she will "break her streak" of awfulness in Australia.

    Can we at least keep her away from Liv this time?

    Protect the Spinner!

    2). Ronda is Left Laying...By The Bellas:
    So as far as I'm concerned Ronda Rousey was severely "damaged"
    by her 12 minute match with Alexa Piss at Hell in a Cell & her stock
    will only continue to fall if the Bellas turn on her & leave her laying
    after their tag match in Australia.

    3). "BadLass" Becky Cheats To Retain:
    So Becky Lynch has literally been on fire since her "Heel" turn & has
    looked strong, confident & capable since attacking Charlotte after the
    triple threat match at Summerslam.

    The quickest way to ruin all of that momentum the Lass Kicker has is
    for her to suddenly need to cheat to retain the title. I hate to suggest
    this...but a "fucked finish" with weapons involved would be the best
    way to continue thIS feud & hopefully build to some kind of hardcore
    match between the two at Evolution.

    4). Charlotte Wins the Title Back...Again:
    Another momentum killer for the Lass Kicker would be for Charlotte
    to win the blue belt back...and while no title changes are expected...
    we've seen the WWE play "Hot Potato" with a women's title before.

    I would not put it past them.

    5). Peyton Or Billie Pin Asuka:
    No WWE...just No. Have Naomi eat the pin if you really want the
    home town ladies to have a win...but you can't have Asuka eat a
    clean pin in a throw away tag match.

    6). 30+ Minutes of Pensioners Fighting:
    Yeah...so...watching two (or four) old men stumble around fighting
    each other like a bunch of pensioners fighting over the last chair in
    the TV room at the retirement home will just be sad...& cringe.

    7). Team Strowman Is Bitched by the Plank of Wood & Friends:
    The last thing we need to see is the Shield putting each of these guys
    through a table with a triple powerbomb.

    8). Samoa Joe Fails...Again:
    So...much like Nakamura...Samoa Joe is becoming a top card loser.
    He is now 0 - 4 in Universal/World title matches (meaning he failed to
    win the title...fuck the DQ finish at SummerSlam!) & a loss or failure
    in Australia may be too much for Joe's career to handle. Joe needs to
    win this match & become the new World Champion.

    9). CenaWinsLOL:
    Elias & Owens really need to go over...like they both really need it...
    but knowing the WWE...Cena & Lashley will go over with Cena getting
    the pin with that stupid new punch of his.

    10). Liv Morgan...Unable to Compete:
    As far as I'm aware Liv should be good to go...but if not...well...that is
    a real shame...especially if the woman who did the damage does get
    to compete.


    Well...there you go folks...10 Cringe Moments we MAY see at the Super Show-Down.

    What do think? Do I make some valid points? Do I need to have my medication
    increased? Should I stop using the word "Cringe"? (FYI: I never will!)

    Leave your thoughts, opinions & ideas below & as always...have a good one & I'll
    see you all around the traps.


    (The above list is based on my own observations & opinions leading up to this Australian
    House Show. If you don't agree...that's fine...you do you.)
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  2. The biggest cringe moment will the show itself.
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  3. Yes, you should stop using cringe. It's cringe.

    Agree with some, but not all points here. Definitely agree that Joe should and needs to pick up the win here. AJ has held onto the title for a good while now, it won't hurt him if he drops it. Let him feud with Orton or something.

    I think Charlotte winning the title will be fine as long as they make it a case of "Becky has become too cocky since winning the title and underestimates her opponent". Then they can have the rubber match at Evolution where Becky should win.

    Elias and Owens losing could be fine, IF there is a brutal beatdown by Owens afterwards. His whole schtick a few weeks ago was "I have an iron clad contract and my purpose is to just hurt people now". It seems like they already dropped that and have put him back into the comedy heel role. Ugh.

    I don't think the Bellas turning on her will hurt Ronda. If anything, it would make people like me like her more. Plus the Bellas have name recognition.

    I also think it is fine if The Shield beats their opponents. Both sides are strong teams, the only real person who has been booked weakly is Dolph.
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  4. Which is why I'm going to keep using it...


    And Strowman...you know...for failing to cash in his
    MitB contract & looking like a complete redneck retard.

    I see your point...and get the idea...I just think it would
    kill Becky's momentum completely if she dropped the
    title back so soon...it would be like Charlotte vs. Sasha
    all over again.

    I said "left laying" meaning the Bellas can turn on Ronda...
    just not kicking the piss out of her in the process.

    If there was one woman who could have got away with
    the "Goldberg-like" booking it was Ronda...but the more I
    see of her...the more she just seems like everyone else.

    12 fucking minutes against Alexa Piss...

    What a fucking disgrace.

    No...I'm never letting that one go either.
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  5. Cringe...

    But we are getting a sweet Last Woman Standing match out of it...

    Old Cringe...

    Joe is now 0 - 5 in Universal/World title matches...
    & much like Nakamura he's damaged goods at
    this point.


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  6. There was one stuff up thing Sheamus did So we started You Are A Wanker Chant at the Super Show Down show at the 4min 50sec mark from when the bell rings listen :-)